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Somerset Cat Club
Mrs E. Biggie & Mrs R. Gowdy have, unfortunately had to withdraw from the Somerset Cat Club Show tomorrow, 3 June, 2006.

Open Classes have been re-allocated as follows:

Classes 83 and 84 - Mrs J. Ashman; Classes 89 and 90 - Mrs J. Gillson; Classes 91 and 111 - Mr A. Gillson; Class 171 - Mrs P. Knight; Classes 291 and 371 - Mrs G. Cornish; Class 361 - Mrs G. Denny; Class 420 - Mrs J. Reed; Class 447 - Mrs P. Wilding; Classes 501, 502 and 503 - Ms A-M Marien.

Counter signatures may apply, if so, make sure you let the Show Manager know BEFORE judging starts.
A. E. Robinson (Mrs), Show Manager

Wiltshire & District Cat Club

Our AGM was held on 23 April. Officers and Committee Members confirmed their willingness to stand again, and are:

President - Mrs Maureen Smith; Vice-President - Mr Bruce Pell; Chairman - Mrs Janet Ashman; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Elaine Robinson; Hon Secretary & Kitten/Stud Register - Mrs Gill Watson; Treasurer & Membership Secretary - Mrs Jackie Pell; Welfare - Mrs Brenda Hollandt; Show Support - Mrs Lisa Talboys (after re-election).

Two vacancies on the Committee remain to be filled. Mrs Gill Watson took over the Kidden/Stud register after Mrs Jane Carter’s resignation. The register is incorporated into the Club’s website Breeders’ Page at www.wiltshirecatclub.org/breeders.htm, phone enquiries can be made on 01666 860530.
Gill Watson, Hon Secretary

Burmese Cat Society

The Burmese Cat Society is hoping to issue the Calendar again this year. Spaces are available at £55 per page, to include full colour photo and information about the cat and owner/breeder. These calendars are sent to buyers all over the world and are a good advertising medium. The entry price includes five free copies (worth £25 retail).

Entry forms are available from Penny Akehurst, email Penny@chiaroburmese.co.uk or by post, enclosing a SAE. Please note, this offer is available to BCS members only on a first come first served basis. The closing date for entry is 1 July.
Penny Akehurst, Hon Secretary

Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club

Intending exhibitors at our Championship Show on 22 July 2006, please note the following Judge Changes:

Class 16 will be judged by Mr A. Hepburn; Class 28 will be judged by Mr R. Worth; Class 55 will be judged by Mrs S. Crichton; Class 76 will be judged by Mrs G. Robertson; Class 161 will be judged by Mrs P. Perkins; Class 302 will be judged by Mrs J. Potter; Classes 379 and 391 will be judged by Mr J. Trotter.
Isabel U. Walker, Show Manager

Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire

The new Secretary and Membership Secretary of the Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire is:
Mrs Joan Pounds, 45 Southcourt Close, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos GL53 0DW. Tel. 01242 584160. Email: joanpounds@yahoo.com
Joan Pounds, Secretary

London Cat Club

Unfortunately, due to ill health, Mrs Val Anderson will not be able to judge at our show on 10 June.

Her classes will now be judged as follows: Classes 195, 198, 237 and 253 - Mrs Leighton; Classes 211, 219 and 246 - Mrs Bradley; Classes 251 and 715 - Mrs Wren; Classes 536, 671, 674 and 687 - Mrs Denny; Classes 688 and 695 - Mrs Kaye; Class 700 - Mrs Brooks; Class 708 - Mrs Ivinson.

If any exhibitor requires a counter-signature for any of the Open Classes, please inform the Show Manager before the show hall is cleared at 10am.
Maria Chapman, Show Manager

Manchester & District Cat Club

Our next Social Evening will be at 8pm on Monday, 5 June at our usual venue, Clifton Cricket Club.

We will be having a quiz night, with our super buffet supper for only £1, and our usual raffle.
Please come along, all welcome. For directions, ring Peter on 0161-793 7503. Any other enquiries, ring Maureen on 0161-211 9809.
Maureen O’Down, Social Convenor

The Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club

The AGM of the Club was held on Sunday, 30 April, at 2.30pm, at Heathlands, Weston Green, Thames Ditton, Surrey KT7 0JZ.

The Officers and Committee are as follows: President - Mr Ross Mort-Williams; Vice-Presidents - Mrs Beeley, Mrs Weldin, Mrs Stanley and Mrs McAlister; Chairman - Mr Harry Meekings; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Barbara Gould; Secretary - Mrs Pennie Bennison; Treasurer & Membership Secretary - Mrs Mary Girdler; Cup & Show Support Secretary - Mrs Audrey Campbell; Committee Members - Mr G. Campbell, Mrs N. Rolls, Mrs B. Gould (Kitten List), Mrs J. Murchison, Mrs H. Haywood, Mrs R. Mason and Mrs M. Donnelly (Show Manager).

A Garden Party is to be held this summer on 13 August. Details to follow.
Subscriptions were due on 1 January this year. Please send to Mrs M. Girdler at 19 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom Downs, Epsom, Surrey. Rates are: Single £5, Joint £8, Senior Citizens - Single £4, Joint £7.
Pennie Bennison, Hon Secretary

Teesside Cat Club

At our recent Committee Meeting, is was decided that, due to the difficulty in retrieving many of our previously awarded trophies and the effort and cost incurred, also, as many of our trophies are very old and disfigures, it is no longer feasible to continue to award them.

If anyone has donated trophies to Teeside Cat Club and wish them to be returned or passed onto another Club, please contact Mr S. & Mrs V. Price, 45 Lakemore, Peterlee, Co Durham SR8 1DZ. Tel. 0191 587 0369. Otherwise, we will dispose of them at our discretion.
Judy Watson (Mrs), Chairman/Show Manager

Caledonian LH Cat Club

The AGM of the Caledonian LH Cat Club was held on Sunday, 21 May at Chattan, Main Street, Cardenden. The meeting was reasonably well attended.

The Officers elected were: Chairman - Mr D. Barclay; Vice-Chairman - Mrs L. Johnstone; Treasurer - Mrs J. Hepburn; Secretary - Mrs Ruth Thomson, 2 Oakbank Place, Perth PH1 1HQ.

The Committee are: J. Grubb, J. Barclay, C. Johnson, R. Lenette, P. MacGregor, A. Hepburn and N. Balfour-Christie.
Ruth L. Thomson, Secretary

Preston & Blackpool Cat Club

The Club’s AGM was held on Sunday, 14 May 2006 at Kirkham Community Centre, Kirkham.
It was well attended and we would like to thank all the Members who came, it was nice to see you all again.

Mrs Wolstenholme is Chair and GCCF Delegate with Alison Beattie Vice-Chair and Show Manager.
Changes to Committee: Mrs Pat Coward has retired as Hon Treasurer and Mrs Lynn Dawson has taken over, Mrs Sheila Webb has retired as Hon Secretary and Mrs Irene Clarke has taken that position. Mrs Elaine Halliday is Cup Secretary and Pat Perkins is Show Support Secretary and GCCF Delegate. Mary Dean is Membership Secretary, Welfare and Kitten Register. Committee Members - Pam Beaumont, Andrew Clarke, Judith Payne, Liz Machin, Diane Ridyard, Gail Emmerton, Lesley Keane, Dorothy Tomlinson with Jenny Maddrell co-opted.

We would like to thank Sheila and Pat for all the work they have done for the Club, and we are pleased to say they are both staying on as Committee Members. We are delighted to say that the cups were presented by our President, Mr Frank Wolstenholme. This was followed by a raffle and a buffet provided by the Committee.
Irene Clarke, Hon Secretary

The Colourpoint Society of Great Britain

At the AGM of the Colourpoint Society of Great Britain on 9 April 2006, it was decided to stop awarding cups and trophies at our annual show.

This is for a number of reasons - problems with insurance, storage and management, and a general lack of interest in winners wanting to take them home.

If anyone has donated a cup or trophy to the Society and would like to have it returned, please contact the Secretary, Mrs Julie Colin on 01634 686097 or email talshiarpersians@blueyonder.co. uk or write to 98 Dargets Road, Walderslade, Chatham, Kent ME5 8BP.

Therefore, at our show on 4 November 2006, any unclaimed cups and trophies will be awarded to winners to keep.
Julie Colin, Hon Secretary


Persian Tabby BAC
At the meeting of Council on 26 October 2005, it was agreed to grant Championship Status to the Blue Tabby (8a), Chocolate Tabby (8b) and Lilac Tabby (8c), Persian Tabies, to be shown in the same class as Brown Tabby Persian (8), and to the Cream Tabby (8f), Tortie Tabby (8e), Blue Tortie Tabby (8g), Chocolate Tortie Tabby (8h) and Lilac Tortie Tabby (8j), to be shown in one class with Red Tabby Persian (9). This has not resulted in any changes to the SOP or registration policy.

At the same meeting it was also agreed to grant recognition at Championship Status to the Mackerel Tabby Persians (7, 7a-j, 8, 8a-c, 8e-j and 9) and Spotted Tabby Persians (7/30, 7a-j/30, 8/30, 8a-c/30, 8e-j/30 and 9/30) to be included in current Open Classes for Tabby Persians. This has not resulted in any changes to the registration policy. These changes will be effective from the start of the next show season, i.e. 1 June 2006.

As there will not be a new SOP booklet produced in June 2006, the SOP for Mackerel and Spotted Tabby Persians has been distributed to all Judges on the Persian Tabby list prior to the start of the new show season, either by e-mail or post.

Any other judges, or breeders/ exhibitors who would like a copy, please send a SAE to me at 12 The Stocks, Seend Cleeve, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6PH, telephone and fax 01380 828281, e-mail owletts@care4 free.net
Rosemary Fisher (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Asian Group BAC
An Honorary Secretary is sought by the above BAC for the purpose of attending meetings, the taking of minutes and the preparation of letters. Ideally, you will be living within easy reach of the M25 and able to attend two or three meetings per year on Sundays.

The responsibility for the receipt, collation, copying and distribution of all paperwork is carried out by the Honorary Assistant Secretary.

This Assistant also holds and maintains the AGBAC records and files, deals with all post and, wherever possible supports the role of the Honorary Secretary.

You are welcome to an informal chat with either Helen Marriott-Power (Chair) on Tel. 01342 832358 or Jane Francis Wilson (Assistant Hon Secretary) on Tel. 0115 919 9946.
Jane L. Francis Wilson, Asst Hon Secretary


Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society
The AGM of the above Society will be held on Sunday, 11 June at 3pm in the Senior Common Room at the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Madingly Road, Cambridge.

The Society cups and trophies will be presented and it will be followed by the usual excellent tea.
For those who have not paid their subscriptions for 2006, they are now well overdue. You may wish to take advantage of a limited offer for LIFE membership for £25 single and £35 joint.

For those who have already paid their subs for this year, you may convert to Life for the difference in cost. A form will be going out with the AGM papers for this purpose.

Di Brown, Hon Secretary