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Born 07.08.02  Gr.Ch,Saraceeno Rustino x Saraceeno Lefkara

In June 2003 we moved from a very large house situated in the middle of a park to an apartment.  We were very concerned that our cat would not settle into an apartment having had the freedom of the countryside but settle he did  into his new home with no problems at all and enjoyed seeing the continual flow of workmen who appreciated such a wonderful cat.

Unfortunately after only 3 weeks our wonderful cat died due to a massive stroke.

We were absolutely devastated and decided that we must have another cat to share our lives.

We immediately set about the task of finding a kitten or indeed letting a kitten choose us.

We found a breeder with a litter of kittens and fell in love with Charlie, a Golden Persian from a litter of four. We went to visit him several times and arranged to collect him as soon as we returned from our holiday.

He was adorable and fell asleep at my feet every time I visited, and his sister jumped upon my partners lap and fell asleep too.

We had a wonderful holiday but couldn't wait to collect our new baby and that is all we could think about towards the end.

The day came and we collected Charlie, he settled in straight away, played with his toys and ate his dinner then fell asleep.

Bedtime came and Charlie was tucked up fast asleep on the sofa. At two in the morning we were woken by Charlie crying at the bedroom door, unable to sleep and missing his sister. To cut a long story short, I phoned the breeder Barbara Harle to let her know how Charlie was settling in and she told me that his sister Lola was the same, missing her brother.

We asked Barbara Harle if we could have Charlie's sister which she was going to keep to breed and show, but without too much persuasion she agreed to let us have Lola and we then all had a good nights sleep once again.

Having persuaded the breeder to let us have Charlie's sister, we agreed to show her and our new hobby and show career for Lola started.

On 29th March 2003 Lola won 1st and Best of breed  and continued to win every Championship Show that she entered.

On the 29th November 2003, Lola won 1st and Best of Breed and gained her 3rd Premier Certificate giving her the Title of Premier. She also won Best of Variety at the Supreme giving her her first Grand certificate.

By March 2004 Lola had gained her Grand Premier Title

Lola was relaxing after having gained the Grand Premier title until we saw that there was now an Imperial Title to gain, so once again we stated on the road to the Title.

Lola won every Show and gained the 5 Imperial Certificates that were needed for her to hold the Title of Imperial, the last one being given at the Suffolk and Norfolk Show on the 20th May 2006.

Lola is the first Golden in the Country to hold the Title of Imperial, 

Lola was only 3 years and nine months old when she won the title and has won every single Championship show she entered.

We are so very gratefule to Barbara Harle the breeder for letting us have Lola to keep Charlie company, and are so very proud of her achievements in such a short time.

We are also very grateful to all the judges for making Lola the Imperial Grand that she is.

Lola has won:  11 Best of Breeds

                         10 Premier Certificates

                           3 Grand Premier Certificates

                           5 Imperial Grand Premier Certificates

                           1 Supreme Best of Variety Neuter 2003

                           1 Cambridgeshire Cat Club Long Hair Cat of the Year 2004

What a wonderful achievement to have all this in such a short period of time and we are so pleased that Lola joined our family to keep her brother company.

Photo by Alan Walker

As you can see it was a very proud day for me when Lola was the first Golden to win the Imperial Title.

Yours sincerely

Pamela Ambrose