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Graham Plant
ON Saturday last we received the news that Grham Plant had died that afternoon.

Graham was diagnosed with cancer during 2005 and had been undergoing chemotherapy - he endured this treatment with a spirit of optimism and those of us who knew Graham and his family admired his strength and fortitude.

Chauffeur and bag carrier at cat shows for his wife Jenny, who bred Persians under the Jenicay prefix, Graham could often be found browsing through the books on the various stalls.

Upon retiring from full-time employment, they had opted for neutering their Persians but, wishing to still be involved with the Fancy, they moved on to a different breed and could be found in the Maine Coon section at shows, where they achieved considerable success showing their MC neuters.

To the Central Longhaired Cat Club, Graham was a valued Committee Member, a very sincere and helpful part of the team and as such assisted his wife Jenny, the Club’s Trophy Secretary, at a number of our shows. His help and enthusiasm will be greatly missed in the future.

Our thoughts are with Jenny and her family at this sad time for them.

Rita Quick, President, The Central Longhaired Cat Club