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Editor In Chief

Midland Counties - what a wonderful show!
COLIN and I would like to pay tribute to three great ladies, namely: Jean Huyton, Brenda Gray and Celia Godwin who, in the face of personal tragedy, accident and illness respectively, still managed to put on a wonderful show on Saturday, 21 May.

The Midland Counties CC show was a masterpiece that ran like clockwork. It was good to see everyone rallying around so that the show would go on. Jean, looking a picture in pink, showed tremendous courage in view of her recent bereavement and great inner strength.

The beauty of her spirit shone through her lovely smile making you feel that all was right with the world.

Brenda too faced the day with a bright, friendly smile, despite the fact that she must have been feeling pretty battered and bruised after her recent nasty fall.

It was good to see Celia Godwin smiling and doing what she could to assist despite suffering a stroke recently.

Without the courage and strength of these brave ladies, the Cat Fancy would be a much poorer place. They put their own personal circumstances aside in order to bring happiness to others, and we salute them.

Long may they flourish and God bless them all.

Dorothy & Colin Stone