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Boost your cat’s health with Royal Canin’s enhanced wet diet range

Animal nutrition specialist Royal Canin has launched a new clinical wet diet range for cats, designed to provide even higher levels of health and well-being.
The key feature of Royal Canin’s new wet nutrition range is the inclusion of the company’s specially developed struvite/oxalate (S/O) science into its popular cat clinical diet range, including those for:

* Obese cats
* Cats suffering from intestinal problems
* Cats with food sensitivities
* Cats convalescing from illness or surgery

Cats fed an exclusively S/O-based clinical diet will maintain a urinary environment unfavourable for the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate uroliths (bladder stones), according to Royal Canin. Bladder stones are a common problem among cats, particularly those suffering from obesity.

Gill Furniss, veterinary director at Royal Canin, comments: ‘Urinary tract problems in cats, particularly stones, are a common reason for referral to vets. Stones are uncomfortable for the animal and can cause blockages in the bladder, which can be life-threatening and often require emergency surgery.’

She continued: ‘A healthy diet means a healthy cat. The inclusion of our unique struvite/oxalate science into our cat clinical diet range will help vets protect cats against common uroliths, whilst also tackling clinical conditions, such as obesity and dietary sensitivities.’

Founded in 1967, Yeovil-based Royal Canin is the fastest growing pet food company in the UK. It attributes its success to its emphasis on a scientific approach to the precise nutritional needs of dogs and cats and to providing a high level of practice and client support.