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Lincoln Cat Care - (March News)

We did receive good coverage for Jose the Spanish immigrant and so far have received about 50% of the required fee. However as much of the televised publicity mentioned mainly the Quarantine Centre I’m hopeful that some donations will be sent there and will filter through in time. I received in the post from Morris and Gillian from Market Rasen an edition of a Spanish newspaper for ex-pats living there. It featured an article all about Jose, which may trace an owner. We’d be reluctant to put him through the ordeal of returning though. As a result of reading the article I received an e-mail from the daughter of the people who actually built the Centre.

The previous illegal, Dana, has now settled and actually befriended two young males that were penned alongside her. Following loads of TLC and hard work by Sandra the three will need a rural home with a nice outbuilding to make their home. If you know of such a place please do contact us.

On March 25 there will be a coffee morning at Lincoln Central Library from 10am until 1pm. Sadly Pauline who organises the coffee morning is not too well at present so if you can help at all then please contact Joyce on 01522 683675. We’ve had an unlucky run for our volunteers with Gwen cracking her elbow, Ros breaking a leg and Pauline developing a serious chest complaint. Let’s hope they are all 100 per cent again soon.

Homing of cats still poodles along, although we’ve been unable to bring into care as many cats as we’d like due to losing some fosterers temporarily. Hopefully they’ll return but we’ll still really need more. If you would like to know what’s involved then please contact us. Sadly the number of poorly cats not being treated because they don’t meet the criteria of any organisations continues. This month alone we’ve brought in a stray which proved to have the top of a rear leg broken completely through, an adult cat that had puzzling symptoms, and a kitten which was handed in with suspected damage due to a collision with a car. All of these we’ve accepted and the adults will be with us for probably two months. Of course this ties up spaces for that length of time.

Also recently we’ve accepted short term stay cats through owners going into shelters, homes and hospital. We’d not originally intended to offer this service but with no alternatives available we felt we had no choice. Many of these cats are not able to stay in a cattery, are to be in care for too long for temporary homing charities or have medications which need administering.

It seems that all the large national charities, who have the funds, are cutting back on the cases they’ll help. This leaves it to the small local groups to take up the increasing slack. The frustrating thing is that it is these very groups who have the greatest difficulty getting the support of the large organisations. Perhaps if the public asked for detailed figures of just what each charity did in their area they might think twice where they sent their donations. Meanwhile we just carry on helping the cats we all love. Perhaps you could foster one of these cats for three or four weeks as a ‘one off’ and relieve a long term carer.

I’d like to wish Cath and Nigel all the very best on their well deserved retirement. They have both been supportive of our work from day one. I’d also like to wish Peter the very best of luck in his new venture. He too has always been behind our work. I’m sure those of you that visit Whitegates will echo these sentiments.

For those that shop online, the site I mentioned last month has added new stores to its list so have a look before you make that purchase. www.easyfundraising.org.uk/lincolncatcare Remember a percentage goes to helping local cats.

Well I think I’ve ranted enough for this time so, hopefully, will send again next month. Please continue your support.