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HOORAY! Some news from the Croydon Show on 13 February 2006.

The first report I received was from Jenny Piercy about her Burmese boy Mootam Martini Henry aka Merlin. He did well but did not manage to bring home a Premier Certificate on this occasion. Better luck next time Merlin.

Next I heard from Peggy Pollard about her Korat girl Chuasiri Songsuda (breeders Phil & Jo Wardale). Sou-Sou got her first Challenge Certificate and a BOB medal. Everyone was thrilled – well done “Baby Girl”.

Christine Tolhurst has fun showing her British Red Tabby boy Ch. Vectensian Sporty Sam and two non-Pedigrees – Heidi, a lovely tortoiseshell girl, and Timmy.

Sam is now neutered and is on the Premier trail. He is well on the way with the first PC at the Maidstone & Medway, courtesy of Mrs C Wren and the second PC at the Croydon, courtesy of Mrs J. Higgins. Christine thanks both judges.

Heidi has three straight First awards – Maidstone & Medway, Southern Counties and the Croydon. Her judges were respectively Mr M. Henrie, Mrs E. Peachey and Isla Warsley-Waring. Many thanks to all three. Timmy is just starting, but he got lost in his Open at the Maidstone & Medway.

A few days ago I had a letter from Belinda Wright and Laura Scott about two of their beautiful Maine Coon boys – Kassaro Orrigon and Kassaro Max Detweller. Accompanying the letter were some delightful pictures of Max and Beau-Beau’s pens at the Supreme. Max had a grand piano theme – I assume to stay in keeping with his handsome “tailored tuxedo” look.

He really is growing up into a handsome cat. Beau-Beau had the Emerald City from the Wizard Of Oz. A close-up shot of him showed him snuggling behind his Cowardly Lion cushion. Belinda tells me that sort of sums him up as he is quite shy at times.

Well that’s all the show news. On a personal note, I am suffering from aching eardrums! Mae and Fleur are calling! Mae is quite deep-throated about it, she sounds more like a lioness warming up. Fleur seems to be a partial silent caller with an occasional loud chirrup thrown in.

As they are only six-and-a-half months old and I don’t intend them to become mothers at such a tender age, it becomes a speedy tap-dancing routine to open outer doors and keep them in.

I hope to have some news next time about kitten litters born to friends’ cats.

Goodbye for now.