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THREE-YEAR-OLD blue Burmese, MERLIN, visits once a week at Cherry Hinton Nursing Home in Cambridge, where his favourite lady, well over 90 years his senior, enjoys feeding him treats and cuddling him.

She misses her own two cats dreadfully, so is very appreciative of his visits. Merlin seems to sense this, and is always on his best behaviour for her. On one occasion, merlin had one of his paws bandages, having managed to lose an entire claw. This wasn’t going to stop Merlin making his visit, and, in fact, he was very glad to be out and about after a week of being confined to the house and having to wear one of those Elizabethan collars.

Merlin loves his PAT visits nearly as much as the clients love seeing and stroking him.
Merlin is owned by Lilian Hall from Cambridge.

If you would like to register your cat as a PAT cat and bring comfort and companionship into the lives of others, please contact Pets As Therapy on Tel. 0870 977 0003, or access the website - www.petsastherapy. org