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Iams signs sponsorship deal with Channel Four’s ‘You Are What You Eat’

Leading premium pet food Iams are sponsoring the third series of Channel Four’s highly successful nutrition-focused ‘You Are What You Eat’ show which started on 21 February. Iams will sponsor 14 episodes of the show.

‘You Are What You Eat’ was chosen for its focus on how quality nutrition can improve people’s health and wellbeing. This is a perfect fit with the quality wholesome ingredients of Iams and their vision to enhance the wellbeing of cats and dogs by providing world-class pet nutrition. Up to 50% of cats and dogs in the UK are overweight, leading to avoidable illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and liver disease. The sponsorship provides Iams with the opportunity to improve the health of the nation’s pets, by giving the viewer food for thought about their pet’s health too. Iams offers pets a healthier solution, in the same way that ‘You Are What You Eat’ does for people.

The visible signs of human health that are examined in the programme, such as stools, healthy skin and hair condition, are the same as those in the Iams “See the Difference” campaign, where owners can see visible improvements in their pet’s health after feeding Iams exclusively for just three weeks. Some of the key benefits of Iams contributing to these visible improvements are:

a. No artificial colours or preservatives

b. Fish oil for healthy joints and a shiny coat

c. Antioxidants such as vitamin E for a healthy immune system

d. Natural fibre for digestive health and small, firm stools.

According to Richard Learwood, Managing Director of The Iams Company: “The sponsorship of ‘You Are What You Eat’ is the ideal fit for the Iams Company, as our aim is to enable pets to enjoy a longer, healthier life. We care passionately about pet health and this sponsorship provides a platform to communicate our message to the show’s viewers. Feeding a cat or dog a complete and balanced diet like Iams, provides all the nutrients your pet needs. It has been shown that slim pets live longer. And with pet obesity in the UK growing at an alarming rate, we are keen to highlight the link between superior pet nutrition and a long healthy life for pets as well as for people.”

The Iams sponsorship will include a fifteen second spot leading into the show, a series of five second spots in the ad breaks and a ten second spot leading out of the show.
For further information call the Iams Care Line on FREEPHONE 0808 100 70 10 or visit www.iams.co.uk