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Missy the moggie crowned Queen of the Cats

DESPITE losing both her brothers in tragic circumstances, Missy the moggy has kept smiling throughout and provides her owner, Paula Rossi, with much support and friendship through the day.

This caring little cat has been crowned the Kitzyme Cat of the Year in a nationwide competition for the moving story of her life.

Owner Paula Rossi, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, was over the moon when she was told her cat Missy was voted Britain’s Top Cat.

The Kitzyme Cat of the Year award is launched every year by Seven Seas Pet and Animal Healthcare and is hugely popular with cat owners across the country.

Missy found the way to her owner’s heart when she provided the love and support that Paula needed when she lost her grandfather recently.

Says Paula: “Whenever I cry, Missy comes up and cuddles up to me and even grooms me. I wake up to find her tucked up to me with her paw on my hand.

“What makes Missy so special to me is that, despite all the losses in her life, she will always find the time to show care, love and comfort to those who need it”.

Paula and her cat missy won £200 worth of holiday vouchers and a year’s supply of Kitzyme products.

They are also now the proud holders of the Kitzyme Cat of the Year Trophy.

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