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Amused interest

I HAVE followed with interest the rumblings about entries to the Imperial, Grand and Open classes with amused interest.

I am of the opinion that once a cat has 3 CC’s it should graduate to the next stage, and the same should follow for the Grand Classes. The problem with allowing all cats to enter any two of the three classes is that you find if you are showing a young cat that could be just nine months of age, it is competing against much more mature cats and no matter how good it may be, maturity is taken into account, therefore leaving very little chance of gaining the CC.
Showing is becoming increasingly costly and if we have little chance of gaining that all important certificate, there seems little point in entering. Maybe the answer is to remove a cat from the bench at nine months until we are satisfied that he can compete for a CC with cats that are also entered in the Imperial Classes, that way there will be less cats entered and less judges needed.

I also note with interest that those breeders most vociferous when we all wanted the Birmans to have a separate Grand Class now seem to think healthy competition is a good think, “I wonder why?”

Tina Mason, Felonie Birmans