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On 20 April I set out to visit the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Congress at the ICC in Birmingham. I attended the press conference, the opening ceremony, the BSAVA 2006 awards and the Petplan awards. It was a busy event and I look forward to including my report and photographs in the next week.

Keep your news coming!
My thanks to the Our Cats readers who have so far sent in their news and views. This page is set aside for you, so please do not be shy! Email contact is easiest, but your letters and photos are welcome too.

Ramona to the Rescue!
When Emily Riley of Massachusetts brought a litter of three stray kittens home she did not expect a helping hand. However, her Pit Bull Terrier, Ramona, had other ideas “The kittens were definitely too young to be away from Mom,” said Scott Giacoppo, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“But no sooner did Emily bring the kittens home, that Ramona fell in love with them and started taking care of them.” The abandoned kittens were handed into the MSPCA, but will remain with Ramona until old enough to go to their new homes.

Five Trophies for a Persian
Christopher Keenan sent in the latest news from the Recent AGM and Cup Presentation of the Ulster Siamese and All Breeds Cat Club (USABCC), held at Hillborough Village Centre on April 4th 2006.

Chris said, “A huge congratulations to all the winners of cups and trophies from the USABCC 2005 show. A special congratulations for one of our young exhibitors, Miss Lauren Malcomson, the first winner of the Sheerbliss Shield (see above) for Best Imperial Persian Male, - Gr Ch Risetta Touble Ahead (13b7). Miss Malcomson had a busy night, with no less than 5 trophies to collect for her outstanding boy! They included; The Brinhilda Cup for Grand Self Male, The Fitzerin Cup for Best Colourpoint Male, The Thirzah Cup for Best Colour Point Adult, and The Fitzerin Cup for BIS Colourpoint.”

Looking for Leo
Maureen Martin has asked readers of Our Cats to help look for her lovely boy, Leo. Maureen writes, “Mariols Leo Of Keelokan is the stunning Chocolate Point Siamese boy that I imported from Germany from Mrs Corinna Kelvink’s cattery, Mariols. Corinna took Leo to the European heights winning The World Winner 05 title in Italy (Fife). He is also an International Champion and JW.

“On the 21st March at 11am a friend of mine came for coffee and as she went to the car to get her phone, she left the front door open and did not notice that Leo had slipped out. At 4pm I realised that Leo was missing and a frantic search began. I searched almost all night - it was freezing cold. The next morning I contacted the police, vets, dog wardens, RSPCA, cat protection and made 200 leaflets and posted them in houses and on lamp posts…All to no avail.

“I have since found out he went to a neighbours house at 3.30pm and they put him out as they don’t like cats. He has been in the local newspaper, the Daily Record and the Sun. Also, the local TV (Grampian) did a story on him, but still no news.

“I live beside a golf course, woods and a housing estate and have walked every inch of the area. There were two reports of Siamese being found. One turned out to be a Blue boy and the other, a Chocolate Point in Invergowrie. I also got a call that turned out to be a Tabby.

I have had cat traps out and caught many a cat but, alas, not Leo. Unbelievably, someone even stole one of these cat traps. I have done another 400 leaflets, with a £500 reward offered. My other Siamese, Max, comes with me on his lead, or if we are in woods off the lead, he walks to heel shouting his head off for Leo. All the local schoolchildren are looking, as are other neighbours. It is well known that he is missing.

Where is he? It is a mystery! I am trying to contact a good psychic now, to see if they can help.
“Please can I ask readers to help me look for him? Maybe somebody has taken him in because he is a slim cat - they may think he is a stray and don’t know that I am looking for him. I phone the council every two days to see if his body has been picked up and I have also asked window cleaners, the fire brigade, postmen, golf attendants, all vets, all cat rescue centres, Asda, Tesco, Lidl, and local children.

“The support I have received is fantastic, emails from many a good-hearted cat breeder and lover of cats, and The Cat Chat Group run by Kat Waddon - she got all the members to email Grampian television and that is why they did the story on Leo as the emails came from all over the world, over 100 of them. I thank all of them so much. We are emailing Paul O’Grady now, to ask him if he can help.

Without the help and support I have had I would be in even ‘bigger bits’ them I am now. I still can’t sleep and go out at dusk, dawn and through the day. I WONT GIVE UP. Please Telephone 01382 900094 or email me at keelokan@blueyonder if you have any information.”
There has been a website made for Leo by Kat & Graham Waddon of Schimmell Siamese. The address is www.leocomehome.com

Star’s Story was sent in by Sue Cummins, who wrote to me. “Sheila Martin’s cat, Star, was the Front Cover Cat for the 21 April issue of Our Cats. Sheila didn’t really intend to show Star, it was only after her daughter, Rosemary, who bred Star died in 2003 that Sheila decided to show her as a tribute to Rosemary.”

Star (Imperial Grand Champion Robrose Leadinglady) is a very special cat for her owner Sheila Martin. Star was breed by Sheila’s daughter Rosemary. She initially lived with Rosemary’s daughter Susan but when Susan moved next to a busy road Star moved (on temporary basis) to live with Sheila.

Star’s show career got of to a slow start. She was awarded her first CC when she was 18 months. On her next outing all did not go well, the CC and BOB were withheld.

Like most British Tipped, Star took a long time to mature and it was not until after Rosemary’s sudden death that Sheila decided to show Star again.

Her first show was the Bristol and District in February 2004 where she got her second CC and at the same venue in 2006 she got her fifth Imperial Grand, having gained four best in shows along the way, including the best British at the National in 2005. Not a bad feat for a ten-year-old.

The whole family were rooting for Star and at the Supreme in 2005 every one played a part in dressing her pen. Sheila’s sister-in-law painted the transport-themed background, grandchildren provided the cars and buses and granddaughter Hayley helped set it all up.

Sue Cummins