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Fur Trade – Stinks!

The Wetnose Animal Aid Organisation is thrilled to bits that the BBC had the courage to show a programme on TV the other week about the fur trade.

I’m used to seeing these images by email and letter, but when shown on TV with the noises of these dogs crying in agony, boy it had me in floods of tears. Remember, these dogs and cats are killed alive, not killed first then skinned, so the fur or pelt is in better condition!

To see these horrific sites is one thing but to hear the noises of that man cutting into that poor German Shepherd dog, I won’t forget that for a long time!

Not only is it sad to wear fur, but new evidence has emerged that fake fur is REAL. It is cheaper to buy cat fur and dye it lurid colours to appear fake than it is to manufacture artificial fur. After DNA tests of fake fur sold on market stalls it later revealed it was in fact dog fur!

Wetnose is so pleased that people like Pamela Anderson, Lady Heather Mills-McCartney, as well as Alec Baldwin and Jamie Lee Curtis, are giving their support to ban these barbaric trades in China, Romania and parts of Russia.

We must all sign petitions and keep on writing letters to our European MEP, Mr Struan Stevenson, who is actively campaigning for a EU-wide ban on the trade. The Department of Trade and Industry insists it has not seen enough evidence to justify a ban. Typical.

Wetnose Animal Aid will continue to support and petition against these terrible trades as well as HRT (which is horse urine), Live Export, Seal Culling in Canada and fur/meat trades. Our website is www.wetnoseanimalaid.com so keep those donations coming in so we can continue with our aim, which is to help animals worldwide.

Andrea Gamby-Boulger
Wetnose Director
Tel: 01508 518 650