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May Morrison
MEMBERS of the Edinburgh & East of Scotland Cat Club, as well as her many friends in the Cat Fancy and other organisations with which she was actively involved, were saddened recently by the unexpected death of May Morrison.

Although she had not enjoyed the best of health in recent years, her cheerful disposition and tremendous enthusiasm for everything with which she was associated belied the many problems which she must have experienced. An active Committee Member, she seldom missed a meeting and always had a contribution to make to the proceedings.

May was never known to be asked for help and not give it, while her personal charm enabled her to persuade vets to come along to our Championship Show when we were at our wits end as to whether we would have enough of these ladies and gentlemen to get our show off to a smooth start. I shall personally miss her unfailing support.

May was also an enthusiastic exhibitor who regularly showed her cats, and although she was very successful, she did so for the sheer fun of it and was never heard to grumble when she had the occasional disappointing day.

A very gracious lady who will be greatly missed by us all.
Isabel U. Walker, Chairman/Show Manager