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Stud Books will be available at the Supreme Show, they are in a different format from other editions as follows:

Siamese - 1 Volume
Burmese - 1 Volume
- including Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and all Semi-Longhairs will occupy three Volumes
Shorthair – including British, Foreign and Oriental will also occupy three volumes.

The Champion list which normally appears at the back of each volume will appear in its own separate volume

The cost at the Supreme Show or from GCCF stands will be:

Single Volume of Stud Book £9.00

Each additional volume purchased at same time £7.00

Champion List £5.00

Anyone purchasing all eight volumes of the Stud Book at the same time will receive the Champion list free.

For all Stud Books purchased by post from the GCCF Office there will be an additional charge for post and packing.


The new GCCF Rule Book will also be available from the Supreme Show, the price will be as before £2.00 but the format again is different, as the amount of pages have increased it is now at A5 size.

13 day rule (Section 4, Rule 3b)
“No cat owned by me/us or living at the same address will be exhibited at or entered for any show or public exhibition held less than thirteen days prior to or following the date of this show/exhibition.”

This means that you may not enter any cat, including non-pedigree cats, which you own, or which lives with you, for ANY show which is held less than 13 days before or less than 13 days after the GCCF show. Show in this context means any show, whether GCCF or otherwise, or seminar at which cats are present.

For instance, if you enter your cat for a GCCF show held on Saturday 21st

• Your cat cannot be entered for any show held on Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th or attend any seminar on these dates

• Your cat cannot be entered for any show held on Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th or attend any seminar on these dates

Please remember also that if you plan to enter your GCCF registered cat for a non-GCCF show, you must notify the GCCF Office before you do so. (Section, Rule 1b) If you are entering several non-GCCF shows you can list all of them on one letter.

The GCCF cannot limit how frequently you show at non-GCCF shows, but you must notify the Office about each show and none of the shows may be within 13 days before or after any GCCF show you enter.