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Help required by breeders of pedigree cats

The current project is a study of FELINE CHRONIC GINGIVO-STOMATITUS that is being carried out by Kitty Foster, a post-graduate student at Liverpool University.

For those not familiar with the condition it is, in simple terms, an inflammation of tissue in the mouth and is most often seen as a bright red inflamed area of the gums at the base of the teeth. It can however progress to the extent that it affects other areas of the mouth and ulcerates, causing severe pain to the cat and preventing it from feeding.

The first two years of the project have been concerned with frequency of the condition and a case control study in the cat population visiting vets in and around Liverpool. The study is now entering its final year when it will concentrate on the pedigree cat population. This requires the co-operation of breeders if it is to provide any worthwhile result that will be of benefit to the cats.

At last year’s Supreme 22 breeders with cats suffering from the condition expressed an interest in taking part in the project; sadly of these only 11 have subsequently indicated their willingness to participate.

Clearly this is too small and restricted a sample of the pedigree cat population to be of much value. Kitty requires a significant number of breeders to take part in this third phase, preferably from as many breeds as possible and with a countrywide spread. Those who take part in the study will not be identified when the results are published and the only person who will know who they are is Kitty Foster.

On behalf of the Trustees I am therefore appealing to breeders to take part, not just those who think that their cats may be affected but also those whose cats are not. The latter will be used as the control population. If there is to be any lasting benefit from this study it is vital that as many breeders as possible become involved. Therefore your participation could be vital to its success, so could that of your friends.

Participation initially requires the completion of a form which is available on the CWT website or can be obtained from me together with background information about what is involved if you agree to participate. Copies can also be obtained from the Cat Welfare Trust table at this year’s Supreme show.

Please consider helping if you can, this is your project and it is for the benefit of those that we hold most dear, our cats. So, let’s help Kitty try to find the cause of this unpleasant condition and hopefully a means of controlling its effect.

My contact details are 43 Crayford Way Dartford Kent DA1 4JY or email keith.scruton@btopenworld.com

Keith Scruton
Chairman of Trustees, Cat Welfare Trust