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New website launched for cat lovers

Many people consider Abyssinian cats to be the ideal pet. Loving, intelligent, with the distinctive “wild look,” Abyssinians are healthy and outgoing with a zest for life.

Their ancestors are said to have been worshipped as gods in Egypt many thousands of years ago, and Aby owners are proud to continue in this tradition!

Given this, it’s surprising that the numbers of kittens being bred has dropped to the lowest level for several decades.

A new website and internet-based interest group aims to help restore the popularity of Abyssinians with the general public – one of the oldest pedigree cat breeds in the UK – and make it again one of the most sought after and widely shown breeds.

www.unusualabycats.com is launched in November and is a showcase for Abyssinians in all 28 of the glorious recognised colours, with many fabulous pictures and details of their history.
Sally Plummer, creator of UnusualAbyCats said “Since the 1980s Abys have come in a wide range of recognised colours. However these days few Abys are seen on the show bench, let alone Chocolates & Lilacs, Reds, Creams & Tortoiseshell, and the full range of Silvers.

There is a resurgence of interest in them and they are being bred now by experienced Aby breeders in the UK, USA and Europe. These colours are “rare” but not “new” and the type of the cats is excellent.

“The better known Aby colours of Usual & Sorrel, Blue & Fawn, are very attractive, however Reds, Creams and Torties, with or without Silver are cats of great character and beauty. I love the multicoloured litters in the rare colours.”

Chocolate & Lilac Abys (bred since the 1970s) are now at Intermediate status with the GCCF. The Red series (Reds, Creams & Torties) are still at Assessment stage even though Betic Red Lennard was the first Red Merit winner in 1986.

Sally is Breed Recorder for Red series cats and would like to hear from anyone who has bred or shown these cats in the past. She can be reached by email at sally@unusualabycats.com or by post at Hilltop, Midford Lane, Limpley Stoke, BA2 7GR.

“UnusualAbyCats” is a play on words. The best known, Aby colour is “Usual” – the black ticked tabby version. Abyssinian owners will testify that their cats are anything but usual.

This new website intends to show the stunning range of 28 colours that make up the Abyssinian breed – like Red, Sorrel Silver, Chocolate Tortie, or Lilac Tortie Silver. Do visit the site at www.unusualabycats.com and come and see three “Unusuals” on exhibition at the Supreme this year.