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Supreme Cat Show
Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Changes for the Supreme Show.
We have had to move some Kitten Classes to adjust judge loads to manageable levels, these are:

Ms J. Allen - 98, 101, 105 and 106; Mrs L. Clark - 108; Mrs W. McQuilkin - 228 and 229; Mr G. Gow - 232; Mr C. Keenan - 233 and 234; Mrs J. Edwards - 344, 345, 346 and 348; Mrs C. Wren - 358, 359, 361 and 362; Mrs F. Matthias - 364; Mrs L. Ashmore - 471, 484 and 485; Mrs J. Reed - 632, 633 and 634; Mrs D. Brown - 713, 714 and 715; Mrs B. Pearce - 717, 718 and 719.
Julia May

National Cat Club
Exhibitors please note the following Judge Changes:
Ms Allen is unable to judge Class 21 (Tortie or Chocolate Tortie & White Adult). This class will now be judged by Mrs De Martino. Mrs Tokens will judge class 110, Mrs Green will judge class 852, Mrs Tackley will judge Miscellaneous classes 298, 309, 334 and 347.

Late entries are being accepted. Please call 01344 424418 for schedule.
Carol & Ron Pike

North of Britain LH & SLH Cat Club

Exhibitors please note, due to an oversight, the North of Britain Club Classes, Nos. 331, 332, 349 and 350 will be split males and females.
Apologies for the inconvience.
June Wanless, Hon Secretary

West Country Cat Club

Would exhibitors to our forthcoming show in January please note that Class 279 will be judged by Mrs A. Gregory and NOT as stated in the Schedule.
You can also download a Schedule and Entry Form from our website - www.west-countrycatclub.co.uk

All other Schedule requests to - Show Manager, Mrs Elaine Robinson, 5 Liskeard Way, Freshbrook, Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 8NH. (Please enclose an A5 SAE).
Elaine Robinson, Show Manager

Rex Cat Club

The Rex Cat Club will, once again, be holding a Decorated Pen Competition for Members at the Supreme Cat Show on 25 November 2006.

If you wish to enter, please let me have your name, address, telephone number, email address and CATS PEN NUMBER (our judge will only know your pen number) by 23 November (at the latest). Wonderful rosettes and prizes to be won.

This competition is open to ALL MEMBERS showing at the Supreme whether the cat is a Rex Cat or Non Pedigree.
Please also remember to send in your points for our AGM completion, by the end of February please.

My address is 11 Bridge Close, Bursledon, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 8AN. Telephone 023 8040 3426. Email lmkeates@aol.com
Jane Keates (Mrs)


Oriental Joint BAC
The OJBAC Seminar will be held on Sunday, 3 December at the Memorial Hall, Marford Road, Wheathampstead, Herts AL4 8AY.

The cost will be £6 per person, to include lunch (free to those bringing cats) and the Seminar will concentrate on Patterned Orientals. Vetting-in and lunch from 12 noon following the OJBAC meeting.

All interested are welcome. Please contact Julia May (020 8366 4406) or Liz Mackenzie-Wood (01707 325714) if you are coming.
Liz Mackenzie-Wood

Ocicat BAC

Would candidates and representatives please note the next meeting of the Ocicat BAC will be held on 2 December at Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 9SE, commencing at 11am.

All matters relating to the above BAC should be made in writing, marked for my attention and sent to 37 Alfred Road, Birchington-on-Sea, Kent CT7 9NJ.
Hilary Dean

Tortie, Tortie & White and Bi-colour BAC

TABBY & TORTIE TABBY & WHITE PERSIANS - It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform the breeders and exhibitors of these beautiful cats that promotion to PROVISIONAL STATUS with effect from 1 June 2007 was approved at the October Council Meeting.

The Breeding Policy of these cats excludes the mating of Tabby Bi- and Tri-colours to White Persians as white is a dominant gene that masks all other colours and therefore it may not always be possible to easily determine the colour underlying the white.

Thus in the Registration Policy of these cats that was also approved by Council, any bi- or tri-colour progeny resulting from a mating to a White Persian will be placed on Experimental Register I.

All other progeny resulting from such a mating will be registered according to the registration policy for that particular colour/breed.

However, cats placed on Experimental Register I may be used for breeding and their progeny will be registered according to the relevant registration policy. This means that cats that have white in their pedigree in the second, third and/or subsequent generations are not precluded for use in the breeding of Tabby Bi- and Tri-colours.

For a cat to be registered as a Tabby Bi- or Tri-colour at least one parent must be tabby. All red and cream tabby bicolour kittens from a mating to tabby must be registered as either red or cream tabby and white unless proved otherwise by test mating or genetic testing. Similarly any Tabby Bi- or Tri-colour having Colourpoint in the pedigree within five generations will be placed on Experimental Register I unless it has been proved either by test mating or genetic testing to be free of Colourpoint.

A copy of this Registration Policy, which has come into immediate effect, will be found on the GCCF website once the minutes of the Council Meeting are available. Copies may also be obtained from me on receipt of a SAE. My address is 43 Crayford Way, Dartford, Kent DA1 4JY or email tortiebac.secretary@ntlworld.com

Please note that the Registration Policy is not retrospective and does not affect any cats that have already been registered.

New Breeds - At its last meeting the BAC agreed to see the recognition of the Odd and Blue-Eyed Bi-colours and an application for a Breed Name as the first part of that process will now be submitted to the Executive Committee. The BAC has also agreed in principle to seek recognition of the Silver Tabby and White, Smoke and White and Cameo and White.
Keith Scruton, BAC Secretary