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I’m writing this piece just before setting out across the Pennines to the dark side... a Lancastrian going into deepest Doncaster, Yorkshire!

Thank goodness we will have a warm welcome from Lynda Ashmore and her committee for what promises to be another busy day; I wonder if I’ll find a buddy in their new scheme?

If there is space on my return we will squeeze in hot off the press photos on this page as we did for the North West show, where they had pulled in a great entry of 509 cats, with no space for any more.

Marked Catalogues
As we approach the finishing line in the popular competitions that we run throughout the year, there is a certain amount of checking that needs to take place. Unfortunately there are gaps in the marked catalogue files that we have in the office where secretaries have not sent in from their shows.

We do appreciate this courtesy as not only does it help us in the competitions, but also with any queries that may arise in the show reports or spelling of cats’ names, or whatever.

Could I please make this appeal to committees to make sure they send in their marked catalogue as many have over the years. I’m sure we generally provide a SAE when the judges’ letters are sent out prior to the show.

Stop Press... from Doncaster
By the miracle of modern technology I am now able to write at the end of the column having been to the Yorkshire Cat Show ...having started the column last week, before the final deadline!

What a busy day that was for all concerned... 650 cats made for a terrific entry and all the show buddies helping people on the day, stalwarts like Peter Darnell of BSH fame, and our own Liz Prescott...see photos from the show.

Pina Meakin with the Winner of the Royal Canin Household Pet at Yorkshire.

Lynda Ashmore certainly seems to get a great group together to help out...it was like a meeting of the clans! Nice to see Pina Meakin judging Household pets again...Pina all colour co-ordinated in lilac to match the drapes, and well assisted by Angela Hardy from the scratching post people of the same name. (nice to see you back after a spell in hospital Angela... ask to see the contents of that little tube in her bag, or is that too much information?)

I also picked up a lot of information about forthcoming shows, like the HUMBERSIDE which is going to be in Lincoln, and the LINCOLN which will be in Doncaster...if you follow me, in 2007.

Both shows will be featured in our Cats and their busy show committees will be feeding information through to us closer to the time and hopefully providing schedules, which some societies realise that the Our Cats stand is a great base for exhibitors to pick up such information.

Yorkshire Show is well known for its happy, friendly raffle ticket seller, the wicked witch of the west!

Stan,Tony and the Lincolnshire imps were casing the joint for their venture up the A1....a shame when you have just got used to staging an event at a particular venue for 5 years...a bit like the Yorkshire when it moved from the race course, but its still going strong.

Full report from sunny Donny by Nick Mays and his reporting PA Sheena to follow.


Northern Siamese set for big 40th birthday bash
I also met Alice Fox and Chris miles from the Northern Siamese Cat Society which in 2007 will reach its Ruby Anniversary - 40 years of showing, developing and supporting the breed.

To celebrate this very special birthday, plans are in place to make the 2007 Championship Show very, very special indeed - in fact the biggest, brightest, busiest and best Northern Siamese show ever!

Our Cats can’t say too much at this stage, but rumour has it there will be Bucks Fizz for every exhibitor, a celebratory cake, BIS special anniversary prizes and household pet classes. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, in competition and on exhibition will be some of the finest Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Bi-colours and household pet cats in Britain.

Watch this space - Our Cats will bring you an exclusive update soon but if you need to get in touch with Alice, she is contactable as follows: Alice Fox, Chairperson & Show Manager, Northern Siamese Cat Society, Glencrest, Copley Lane, Copley, Bishop Auckland. Telephone: 01388 718161.

Next show is of course at the NEC where we look forward to seeing you all...Northerners and Southerners alike, and then my next show after that is in LONDON, the National... now where’s my passport? See you in Birmingham.

Vince Hogan - Editor in Chief