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PAT Cat of the Month


Haka is our 14 year old Tonkinese (cross between Siamese and Burmese) who is very much a family cat. Our Grandson is autistic and they are great friends and often play together. This led me to think he would be a good PAT Cat.

We visit Le Court, the original Cheshire Home. The photo was taken with his friend Nikki. He was entered into PAT Cat of the Year and was a runner up.

We also visit Petersfield Hospital, including the dementia Ward. It is wonderful when the often “vacant look” is replaced by eyes lighting up and big smiles, and sometimes tears of joy.

Another of his calls is to Bulmer House which is a residential home, and day centre, for the elderly. The clients love telling me about their pets and how they miss them. They ask that Haka comes regularly so he can almost belong to them!

He is such a character and even people who are not cat lovers make a fuss of him. As he lives with four Golden Retrievers (two P.A.T. Dogs) it is not surprising he thinks he is a dog!!!

When he was a kitten he was very wild, running up the curtains and jumping out at us. We had a litter of puppies - he would sit and watch them with great interest and Tosca (the Mother) did not worry at all. To-day he is still close to Mahna, who was one of those puppies, and licks her face. He missed my old boy Barney when he died as they used to sleep together.

I do Bed & Breakfast and he is the Chief Inspector of our guests. He is also their alarm clock - why? - because it is time for his breakfast

If you think your cat would make a good PAT Cat why not contact Pets As Therapy on 0870-977-0003 or visit the website