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Rhyme or Reason


Tom! Our Madeira Cat:
Is No More!!!
In April – we knew the score!
We treated your ears :
We knew you had FELV.
A legacy from years
When you had roamed free.
Multi-lingual and loved by all.
To do right by you
The vet obeyed the call.

Now a plaque marks the spot
Where you basked in the sun.
We had said our goodbye
We knew we would see you not.

When we returned in September
A new face met us
In the place we remember
So friendly and vocal
Learning the lingo of so many friends
There in the special place in the sun.
Life goes on in the feline world……
Perhaps it is Tom’s son????

(N. Webster, Wakefield)

There’s a moral to it!
A little bird was flying south for the winter but as he got higher and higher it got so cold his wings started to freeze and eventually he came plummeting out of the sky thinking that’s it, its all over.

He was so surprised when hitting the ground he received a soft landing and realised he had landed in a large cow pat.

Well, as the pat was quite fresh it was nice and warm and started to thaw out his frozen wings.
He started to feel so much better that he happily started to cheep and sing which unfortunately attracted the attention of a passing hungry dog who pulled him out and ate him!

The morals of this story are:

If you are warm and happy in a pile of s*** keep your mouth shut
Someone that gets you out of the s*** is not necessarily your friend.
(S. Allen, Cardiff)


Would you like to meet my Ori?
Guinness is her name,
From the first time I met her
my life has never been the same.

Her colour is Havana
Her eyes a lovely green,
The prettiest little girl
The world has ever seen.

She has a super character,
In each and every way,
She makes me laugh so many times
every single day!!
(M. Ellis, Bolton)