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Neutered Cat to Fat Cat?

Throughout Europe cats are neutered for social, health and population-control reasons. Cats that are not neutered show more aggression towards other cats and are less affectionate towards their owners.

With 95% of cats presented to vets in Europe neutered it is clear the benefits of this procedure are well established.

However neutering, despite all its benefits, is a contributing factor in illnesses such as obesity by three times, diabetes by four times and lower urinary tract diseases. Neutering increases food intake and decreases maintenance energy requirements. But neutering is not the only risk factor in obesity. Ad lib feeding, lack of exercise and energy dense diets are contributing towards weight gain, to such an extent that one in four cats throughout Europe are now obese.

Veterinary practices for the first time will have an exclusive and effective treatment to offer owners to help combat this ever growing problem. Hill’s Pet Nutrition has developed Science Plan™ NeuteredCat™, to provide the optimum chance to develop a lean body mass and decrease fat tissue by providing effective high level amounts of both L-carnitine and lysine, both ingredients turning fat into muscle and reducing the storage of fat.

In addition the formula had been designed to ensure a healthy urinary system to protect against bladder stones, also common in neutered cats.

Obesity is clearly a growing concern in the pet world as in the human world. The difference is we are supplying the food to our pets, killing them early with kindness.

Claire Bessant, CEO of the Feline Advisory Bureau commented:

‘We know that the progression of obesity and related disorders occurs through an inappropriate diet post neutering. In most instances it could have been avoided. This formula provides a clear way to help reduce the obesity burden in neutered cats.’
Hill’s Pet Nutrition offers the following advice to owners of young neutered cats:
• Restrict calorie intake to an average of with 50 kcal/kg bodyweight.
• Respect the feeding instructions and do not feed neutered cats ad libitum
• Optimise lean body mass and decrease fat tissue by feeding a diet with high L-carnitine and lysine levels
• Stimulate exercise
• Reduce the risk of bladder stones by feeding a diet reduced in phosphate and magnesium and by maintaining a urinary pH neutral to cats (6.2-6.4).

Science Plan™ Neutered Cat™ is only available through veterinary practices and there are formulas developed for Young Adult and Mature Adult cats, formulated to enhance your neutered cats quality of life by ensuring they stay fit trim and healthy post neutering. Only available though Veterinary Practices in the following pack sizes:
SP NeuteredCat™ 1.5kg
SP NeuteredCat™ 3.5kg