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PAT Cat of the Month


Pooky is a very special cat. He retired from being a PAT cat last year at the good old age of 20.
For many years he visited two day centres for adults with learning disabilities with his owner Norma Crossfield. Harras Bank, in Birtley and Marquis Way in Gateshead with around 200 service users who were adults with learning difficulties between the ages of 18-65.

Pooky always visited the day centres on a regular basis and his visits were looked forward to by everyone. He enjoyed all the attention and would cuddle up on any available lap, much to the delight of all concerned.

The service users loved Pooky’s visits so much that they nominated him for the National PAT Cat of the Year award. When Pooky became one of the finalists there was huge delight from everyone he visited. The service users still speak fondly of Pooky and love to hear how he is getting on in retirement.

It is very hard to believe that Pooky was once a frightened feral cat, who with Norma’s patients and care gained confidence and became a wonderful PAT cat bringing comfort and companionship into the lives of hundreds of people during his years as a PAT Cat.

If you would like your cat to become a PAT Cat please contact Pets As Therapy on telephone number 0870-977-0003 or you can visit the website – www.petsastherapy.org