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Lift wanted
LAME old lady with moggie seeks lift to the Yorkshire County Cat Club show on 28 October in Doncaster.

I live in the Woodhouse area of Leeds, not far from the city centre. Share expenses, of course. (Might have a Disabled Passenger Permit by then).

If you can help please telephone me on 0113 225 1498.
Eleanor Wexler

Can anyone help please?
I HAVE a male cat of about nine-years-old. In the last nine months he has developed a “cold” that keeps coming back! Each time I visit the vet we are given anti-biotics, which clears it nicely, but in two to three months it’s back.

He seems very well other than this, and he has been tested for cat AIDS, which he does not have, and nor does he have cat flu, so I’m stumped as to what the problem is. Is there a herbal remedy he can take, or a supplement that would build his immune system or stop this happening?

To further add to the confusion, he has a brother, they eat together and share everything, they wash one another. He has none of these symptoms at all!

Can anyone advise me?
Anna Baker


Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Bury
THE Russian Blue Breeders Association has recently learned of the death of Betty Bury.
Betty became a Full Judge of Russian Blues in 1993, but did not often judge after the death of her husband Joe. She also served as Treasurer and Representative on the Russian BAC from 1989 until 2001.

Their Globury Prefix will long be remembered in the Russian Blue world not only in the UK but far and wide.

We send our deep condolences to her family.
Jill Jackson, Chairman RBBA