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Shows, travelling and all that...

At the time of writing the hardy band of Our Cats people are getting ready to set up at the North West Cat Show in Altrincham and I can already hear the cries of why don't you come to our show in Penzance, or The Outer Hebrides! Its nothing personal folks, as I have said before, but the Our Cats petrol allowance is running low at the moment.

Seriously, we are only a small group and we are trying to bring one or two more people in from the fancy to help us, at least man a table, in a similar way to how the GCCF attends some shows. It will take a little time to get that sorted, but thanks to Jan Hirst who has already got the ball rolling for us... more to follow. We are planning to be at the Yorkshire, the Supreme and the National with the full OC set up, so make the most of us when you find us. Many people forget that we are working five days a week in the office, so working weekends as well puts an extra strain on things... and we don't just go to cat shows.

Apologies to the team at South West Cat Show where the show managers were doing their bit for the last time...again, home responsibilities called with a trip to Uni and a car load of student stuff for my youngest! I trust you had a great day, and we await your comments in writing please.

Our Cats paper is seen in many events where animal lovers gather and last week I attended the PET INDEX trade Fair at the NEC where we saw some weird and wonderful new products being launched.

Our photo spread gives you a little flavour of things and it was nice to see some stalwarts of the cat game attending with foods, cat litters and the like. The first person I met was Bob from R and L Products, but not with a trolley and and 25 bags of cat litter ...for a change!

Weirdest cat product of the day was a strange item called a Litterkwitter which apparently gets your cat off the litter tray, and onto the toilet...yes, the toilet. Hey ho!

Our Cats hits 1100

The issue you are reading is the eleven hundredth that we have produced...in one form or another. Well done I hear you say! In the current format of fortnightly that would equate to 42 years of life, but of course OUR CATS or CATS or FUR AND FEATHER has been seen in a variety of formats during its life time.

Even I would have to go back and see where the number 1 issue was produced ...I guess it was when CATS was launched as an offshoot from Fur and Feather by Watmoughs who were based in Idle in Bradford. It was monthly and glossy and didn't last too long like that either! Reality had to kick in, and all those show pages of judges reports etc are very costly to produce and it doesn't stack up on high gloss paper. So Mr Doyle made the trip over the Pennines to see Mr Marples (of Our Dogs) and CATS became a weekly A4 magazine in the eighties... when I was Advertising and Sales Director.

Then, we had the backing of Whiskas... as did most of the cat fancy, especially the GCCF. Whiskas took the outside back cover every issue and additional adverts and support packages. Cut a long story short, and Our Cats was born as a sister title to Our Dogs as printing methods changed, the main sponsor was gone and the current format was hit upon as the most economic and one that also managed to keep pace with the news and bring show reports far more up to date. When it was monthly, you could wait up to 15 weeks and beyond on a regular basis for most of the reports... that is not the case now.

Costs, cat shows and this paper

The cat game has changed over the years of course, as have most things in life. For Our Cats to continue to bring you all the news, photos, show reports and GCCF material we also need income. Many people think that we are funded by the GCCF,( I hear that all the time at shows), but that is not the case... not at all.

We have to rely on you the reader and our advertisers, for which we thank you all for continued support and we hope that we give a good service in return. It seems strangely appropriate to discuss the history of Our Cats as we reach this milestone issue together with the costs which have forced us to increase the cover price this week to £3.25. When we went fortnightly in 1999 the price of the magazine was £1,50 a week, which then became £2.95 a fortnight...so the price in reality actually went down! In all that time, we have only ever applied one increase and that was 4p in 2003. So in reality the paper is still cheaper than it was in 1999... and of course, that situation cannot continue.

By comparison, check out your electricity bills, petrol costs or price of a pint! If we had kept pace with costs as the years rolled by, the cover price would probably be even more by now, so we feel sure that readers will understand. In fact, many readers will be unaffected by the increase as they already subscribe... AND THE GOOD NEWS IS that the subs rates are being held for a while... so its a great time to take a sub or renew, or upgrade your sub from where you are right now.

Even better, when you subscribe, just a small addition of £15 a year also allows you to access the new OUR CATS web site, where we archive all the news and show reports over the years... what a great resource!

As a final cost comparison, just check out what you were paying for a show entry in 1999 and compare that to today's fees of £25 to nearly £30 a go... scary isn't it.

I think we all have to accept that we are in a minority sport or pastime and generally speaking you do not benefit from economies of scale or big sponsorship at this level.

The team here at Our Cats is largely underpinned by colleagues from Our Dogs in Subscriptions, Advertising, Accounts, Mail Order and other departments but as long as we have a loyal and regular readership and advertising base, then we will be delighted to carry on well into the next 1100 issues!

Vince Hogan, Editor In Chief

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Robert Fox (Photographer)

OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

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21/10/06 - KENTISH CS
13/01/07 - WEST COUNTRY CC

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