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Cat Chat
By Chris Stalker V.N.

Welcome to this edition of Cat Chat. I would like to thank the contributors for their notices and stories and I hope you enjoy reading them!

Hubble Bubbell at the Supreme
Are you a member of Hubble Bubbell? The following notice is about the special arrangements being made for the Supreme Show:

“The members of Hubbell Bubbell are having a “Great Meet” at The Supreme this year. In addition to the goody bag you will receive as a member, T-Shirts and badges are being made for use on the day so we can identify each other!

We are also taking out an advert in The Supreme 2006 catalogue. We are offering members a ‘spot’ on the advert to feature their cat(s) and web address if applicable.

The ‘spots’ are only £25 each and will be in full colour across a page - or two if enough of us want to do it! For more details, please contact Anna by email on webmaster@siameseplanet.co.uk or see http://www.hubbellbubbell.co.uk/


Coach to National
Elizabeth & Michael Shenton are hoping to organise a coach to the National again this year and sent the following message to OUR CATS readers:

“The National Cat Club Show is on Saturday, 9th December at Olympia. We have been asked by a couple of people whether we will be arranging a coach once again this year.

As you may know, last year we did struggle to get sufficient numbers to make the coach viable and affordable, so before we go ahead and book anything it would help us to know how much interest there is this year.

If you could email us back please to say if you would like to come along, it would be very helpful, especially as some of our regulars need to know in good time to send in their entries before closing on 30th October.

We don’t yet have a price for the travel as we’ve not made any enquiries with the coach company, as it’s far easier for us to negotiate the cost if we have a firm booking. Please contact us on 01782 740276.”


Penned In!
I recently had a chat to Elizabeth Harrison (the lady who makes the wonderful show drapes and cat nests) at the North West Cat Club Show. I asked Elizabeth to write a little piece for this column about her lovely handicrafts and here is her letter to OUR CATS readers:

Hello, I’m Elizabeth, the “drapes lady from Penned In”. I know most of you expect my home, like my pen sets, to be beautifully furnished with matching curtains, cushions and throws… well… most of it is, except my workroom which is rather sad and in serious need of a makeover! That will take place after I have completed your orders for the Supreme Show.

We moved house two years ago and I immediately claimed the double aspect room, with views over the parkland and trees behind our house, with squirrels and birds to entertain myself and a gang of elderly Siamese cats, who share their house with me. I had it decorated almost before the ink was dry on the contracts and spent many happy hours in “My Room”.

However, as you know, nothing lasts forever, and “he who must be obeyed” decided this year to work from home, so I was evicted. My New Room, previously used as the storeroom, and not fit for an executive to work in, has a view of the churchyard and the odd-very odd pigeon. A large monster lurks in the corner, it arrived as a sleek, shrink-wrapped column, taller than myself, but when released, the contents burst out into over a metre wide of crushed and creased wadding, which has to rest in the corner for 5-6 weeks until the wrinkles disappear - if only.

The motley collection of 70s wardrobes houses my fabulous collection of luxurious crushed velvets, sumptuous satins, Lurex and lace, and bags of stock pen sets, always available for panic buyers! My old cat Amy sleeps under the lamp by my sewing machine - one eye open for when I fill the catnip toy I make for each set, and she hoovers up the spilled catnip - teamwork - I could not work without her help.

To reduce the size of the wadding monster in the corner I am now offering a REFRESHER set for those of you with perfectly lovely drapes who, for various reasons, need a padded base mat, litter tray cover, duvet and free catnip toy from only £25.00 plus post and packing.

I have also considerably reduced my stock sets - e.g: I have an ivory bridal fabric set, gold trimmed and hand beaded, reduced from £195.00 to £100.00 (less than the price of the fabric) and a royal blue/gold complete set for only £59-00.

After many requests I am also now joining the 21st century and shortly making an appearance on the Our Cats website, where I will be easier to reach, or you can still contact me on my new number: 01924 267991.

I look forward to seeing you all again at the shows next year and I would like to thank you for all the support and compliments on my work - it inspires me to come up with something new to ‘wow you’ with, when my new collection is revealed the following year.
Bye for now, Elizabeth

The “SI Baby” In The Bubble!

(The title of this story refers to the tale of the human child brought up in a plastic bubble in America, who made headlines a long time ago! – I used the same principle on a smaller scale).

When “Co-nii”, our lovely little lilac Siamese, went to stud, she was a willing wife - once she found out what felines are supposed to do, that is - and the success of the mating was also thanks to the stud owner, who is a superb friend of ours and who watched over her and the Chockie Point Siamese stud cat with such wonderful wisdom and care!

All went well with our then-called “Champion Roller” as a “cat wife” - and she wailed all the way home afterwards since she seemed to want to go back to her beloved! And also, aged one year, she was considered to be well able to carry the resulting kittens to full term - which she did without a care (and with the finest cat foods that we could find), plus vet checks, every comfort, and also a “cat scan” in case she was carrying a lopsided litter or, as we correctly suspected, a slightly larger one inside!

Everything was prepared - and she went into labour at 2pm on Wednesday, September 13th 2006 - the first time that we have ever had one do this in the vet’s duty hours i.e. “9-to-5 Monday to Friday inclusive”. WOW!

We had a total of six baby Siamese, screaming their silly heads off, at 8pm that evening - and Mama making broody noises to her newborn babies, whilst we washed and went for some supper, tired, but thrilled.

There had not been a need for a C section, the second one out had been the biggie - and he had had the sense to push a smaller “personage” out into the wide world first - he also looked suspiciously like our wanted and waited for chocolate Siamese boy, bless him!

But, that was when things went wrong! Mama was not bothered about the babies after a bit and her hormones switched off her milk supply, instead of switching it all on. Feeling very worried, we dashed down to the duty vets and had to start to hand feed the littlies with some simulated milk supplies - sadly this did not seem to be enough, and every few hours, through a worrying and stressful weekend, we watched them slip silently away, one by one....

It is still hard to say how we both felt, but you all will know, and so many of you have sympathised.

Sadly, there was no suitable surrogate mum to be found in time and the kittens couldn’t take the Cimicat formula. Mama feline went walkies from the babies in the bedroom and acted as if she had not given birth in the first place! We were devastated, so we then drove the final two baby felines down to the vet hospital, one died as we got there, but the “biggie” was wanting to live - what a wonderful will he appeared to have at that tender age of two days!

The vets said that his chances of survival were slim, but would we let them try TLC time in their incubator unit? YES! So there he stayed, for a further five days, being fed on the hour every hour by day and night nursing staff, experts at all this extreme veterinary care of course - which we were not!

Finally we could bring our solo Siamese baby boy back to the bungalow, inside another smaller and improvised incubator - a hamster cage with plastic sides, air vents and a heating pad etc. Thus we started a further frantic fortnight “bringing up baby” by ourselves, setting the alarm clock, and snatching some sleep as, if and when we could or dared to!

There is a happy outcome to this story - so far, so good - the little guy is alive and starting to thrive, his diet consists of ROYAL CANIN VITAL MILK in a carton, and he is a big baby about his bottle!We want to wean himself as soon as we can of course, and shall have the sole duty of toilet training him - but we don’t worry about that aspect - for our feisty feline is now aged almost three whole weeks, covered by antibiotics and cared for by every vet in the valley.

It was not too costly for the hospital in-care either, about £25 per day plus VAT and extra items - and without all their assistance he would not be here! So please persevere if you should ever have to hand-rear – it is hard work - but, whatever happens, we have found it well worth it all!

Carlo the kitten is to be a.k.a “CAPRICCIOSA CARLO CIO” – he now weighs 220 grammes. His Mama is already calling again - nope, she is not having another “night on the tiles”, she is being neutered, asap!!

Please keep your stories, notices, articles, jokes, photos etc coming in and you will find yourself here in print!