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Timmy - A Real Fat Cat By NICK MAYS

WE HEAR a lot in the news about ‘Fat Cat’ businessmen, well – here’s a fat cat who could give any of them a run for their money (or at least a waddle for their money)… Timmy the monster moggy is so fat he has to live in a kennel and sleeps in a dog basket.

Timmy’s owners, the Langley family from Tyne & Wear are already claiming that he is the fattest cat in town and a possible record breaker.

Weighing in at a massive two stones, he has caused quite a stir since moving with the family from Ireland to Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

Sean Langley, 37, said: “When we take him to the vets to get his jabs, he has to have ones designed for dogs because of his size.

“He’s 10 kilos, towers off the ground and he’s pretty long too. I’m sure he’s the biggest cat in Sunderland.”

Fat Cat Timmy in his dog-sized kennel.

Sean and wife Gillian, 38, moved into their new home in Nawton Avenue, Sunderland, with daughter Nicole, 14, after leaving Northern Ireland.

They have had to keep 8 year-old Timmy in the house for the past seven days while he becomes accustomed to his latest surroundings.

Sean, a cleric in the Army, added: “It’s sometimes a race to get into bed, because if he’s lying there, there’s no room for anyone else.”

Now, that he’s finally allowed out Timmy has started taking an interest in local nature. But, while most cats arrive back from a long day out with the odd field mouse between their jaws, this prowler has brought back pigeons, magpies and even a raven.

The Langleys acquired the black and white moggy from a USPCA rescue shelter in Carryduff, County Down.

“We got him when he was about one year old and he was pretty big even then,” explained Sean.

“We originally went to Carryduff to get a dog but looked around the dog shelter and couldn’t see any that we wanted, so we went in to the cat shelter and this cat put his paw through the cage and tried to grab us. We said, ‘that’s the one we want’.

Sean, who has owned black and white Timmy for the past eight years, added: “It’ s not like he eats too much, we only give him a tin of cat food a day.

“It must be in his genes. We got him when he was about one from a cat sanctuary back in Ireland and he was even pretty big then.”

The Langley family are now just hoping Timmy fits in with the other cats and his size doesn’t frighten off other pets.