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Bring back the Bingley “bash”!

Before it’s been and gone forever we are adding our plea to BRING BACK THE ANNUAL BINGLEY “BASH”!!! (re. ‘Bye Bye Bingley’ - Our Cats 6th October).

Why? Well, it’s not only a part of the oldest and most prestigious agricultural show in the north, but the present show team is superb, with some friendly faces, including tee-shirt Chris and of course Liz Mills with her charity cat stall.

And let’s not forget the late and great Roy Barraclough, who really let out some laughter on showdays in his time!

Bingley is a wonderful day out for the whole family - we have attended Bingley for so many summers and it’s the social event of the season, what with some sunshine (it usually is fine, sometimes rains, but we don’t worry, we still sample a posh picnic plus some champers!), and everybody is there on the day, from the Lady Mayoress in her frills and fine hat, to local lassies in their colourful jodphurs and jeans, and some saris too.

Old and young are all charmed by the cats, of course.

The tents such an attraction since so many members of the public seldom see Siamese or pretty Persians and happy HPs these days. If other cat shows held inside halls could only have the number of very interested and varied visitors that Bingley has, it would be far better for the feline fraternity!

NB - and our own oriental lilac MN laddie CHOOIE, aka “Capricciosa Cauzez Chaoz”, also adds his comments of course - he has his own fanclub by now, bless himself - and should sadly miss this super show if the “powers that be” insist on rescinding its licence from after next year!

As for security, I’ve never known a show cat escape at all, and as for health and safety concerns - huh! You could get a disabled pony club child (and horse) inside the entrance to take a peek at the puddiecats!!!

Peter & Babs Bailey, pp The Capricciosa Cat-Clan

Coach to the National

I AM running a coach to the National Cat Show, starting just outside Spalding in Lincolnshire and picking up en route to Peterborough and various points on the A1.
If interested please phone Wendy on 01780 410877.

Wendy McSloy-Cargill