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Christmas is approaching and OUR CATS has a selection of brand new and best selling titles to fire your imagination for the festive season!

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MOVIE CATS by Susan Herbert
Those who know Susan Herbert’s paintings will need no persuading to buy her latest and long awaited book. However, unlike previous books dealing with art, opera and Shakespeare, this catalogue of feline masterpieces enters the universally popular realm of the movies.
Miss Herbert’s humour is delicious and there are many hilarious moments that will make you laugh out loud.

In the words of one of the silver screen’s icons, ‘Is that a mouse in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me’ – Enchanting!
£11.65 including carriage

Cat ownership isn’t a hobby; it’s a way of life. Teach Yourself Owning a Cat is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of feline ownership. Structured around life stages of the cat, this easy-to-navigate book will help you decide if cat ownership is for you, the pros and cons of pedigrees, health care, nutrition, and troubleshooting. Facts at your fingertips!

£10.74 including carriage

DESPERATE HOUSECATS by Meredith Parmelee & Christine N. Roberts

The housecats of DewClaw Lane have the purr-fect life: long sunny days filled with napping, grooming, napping, chasing puppies, and just lounging around.
But beneath the calm exterior, the housecats have another life, one of backbiting, intrigue, cat-fights, and territorial disputes.

With an upcoming wedding, these cats are about to use up a few of their lives trying to solve a mystery.
And you know what they say about curiosity and cats… Great Fun!
£7.60 including carriage

A CHAOS OF CATS by William Lee
In his own very individual style, William introduces us to cats he has known and shared his life with. From strays who have shared their last days with him to kittens, boisterous and ‘eager to get on with living’, from lovable rogues to hissing, spitting, scratching balls of mangy fur, William documents what makes each relationship between a cat and its owner so individual and so special.

This is an incredible book from a new author who stands out both for the quality of his writing and his ability to identify with his audience and subject in ways that are both wonderfully funny and deeply moving. – a charming read!
£9.69 including carriage

Vicky Halls, author of the bestselling “Cat Confidential”, has devoted her life to studying the human/feline relationship. In “Cat Counsellor” she explores the origins of the emotional bond and shows how miraculous results can be achieved by merely changing the way we relate to our cats. “Cat Counsellor” is packed with fascinating case studies and tips on every aspect of cat relationships, including those with all things furred and feathered.

It also includes the fascinating results of the relationship survey, giving cat owners from all over the world the chance to share their feelings about their feline companions.

If you have ever wondered why you love your cat so much, then this is the book is for you!
£17.49 including carriage

SEX KITTENS by Chris Akins

Meow! This one’s sure to please sweet and sexy kitties, because it’s packed full of purrr-sonals designed for every Tom, Dick, and Tabby, whether they’re purebreds or crossbreeds, altered or whole, short hair or long.

From a high-strung bachelor who needs a soothing touch (and dreams of a comfortable chateau in France where the mousing is superb) to a Cat with Attitude looking for honesty, loyalty, and openness (no more games, please!), there’s a purr-fect soul mate for everyone.

Featuring funny colour photos of fabulous felines of all forms -lolling on their backs, sitting alert on the bird feeder, perched on the toilet bowl—it will help fill the lonely hearts of stray cats everywhere!
£11.49 including carriage

STUFF ON MY CAT by Marlo Garza
This is one unusual book!! The author assures us that all the cats are willing participants and that we will we laugh because they are taking time off from being their usual superior, bossy control freaky selves! Including 200 fabulous full colour photographs of cute kitties with stuff on them, this bizarre feline collection will make an off-beat gift for cat lovers everywhere!

Weird and somehow …wonderful!
£9.74 including carriage

CAT PEOPLE by Michael & Margaret Korda
This hilarious journey through the lives of self-confessed “Cat Lovers” Michael and Margaret Korda introduces the reader to a wonderful assortment of people whose lives, like their own, revolve around their feline friends. From Churchill’s cat Nelson who was included in many important political decisions, to a cat who enjoyed meals cooked by New York’s finest chefs, “Cat People” is filled with comical and often touching anecdotes that will strike a chord in the heart of anyone who has ever loved cats.

£9.74 including carriage

LITERARY CATS by Heather Hacking
See our most famous Literary notaries depicted in Heather Hacking’s unique and imaginative style. Meet Thomouse Hardy, Evelyn Paugh, Henry Long-haired Fellow and Furginia Woolf, to name but a few, and read Heather Hacking’s inventive versions of their life stories. Laugh-out-loud funny – delightful!

£11.49 including carriage

DEVIL CAT by Adrian Keefe

We think our cats love us, depend on us for food and curl up on our laps because they want to be close to us – well, here’s a book to make the most ardent aurophile think again! “Sooty”, or “Devil Cat” as he prefers to be known, tells us what cats REALLY think about us …. You have been warned!!

£9.49 including carriage

FERAL CAT MANUAL edited by Claire Bessant
Many people are drawn to help feral cats and usually they haven’t planned to do so! They come from a variety of different backgrounds and often have the passion and drive to get involved but not the knowledge or experience to know where to start or how to deal with the inevitable problems which arise.

However there are those who have mastered both the art and the science of working with these wonderful animals and have made a huge difference to their welfare. Working with ferals is not the same as rescuing and rehoming pet or stray cats - it needs a very different attitude and approach and a new set of skills.

Under FAB’s banner, the various authors of the Feral Cat Manual bring together a unique mix of expertise and experience in an effort to pass on years of knowledge and tried and tested methods.

This manual aims to provide the best information to those who want to help feral cats - so you don’t have to learn the hard way.
£23.50 including carriage

Would you like to find out how to start a successful, profitable and sumptuous boarding cattery or cat hotel at home, love your lifestyle, make a difference, be your own boss - and - earn at least **double** the income of a typical cattery???

Then this fabulous book is for you. Its author has helped hundreds of real people worldwide make life-changing decisions by providing ALL of the facts that surround the boarding cattery and luxury cat hotel business….and he can help YOU!

This beautiful volume which contains almost 500 pages illustrated with stunning full colour photography, includes insider information and secrets from the most all-round successful catteries (they are RARE!) - so you can make a totally informed decision for your future lifestyle, income and dreams of becoming a cattery owner.

A simply stunning Christmas gift!
£39.50 including carriage

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