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Twenty-one cats rescued in Aberdeen desperately need new homes

Cats Protection is appealing for new and loving homes for 21 cats and kittens that were saved from an uncertain future by two of the charity’s operations in Scotland.

In June, volunteers from the charity’s Central Aberdeen Branch and Kirkintilloch Adoption Centre, working together with the SSPCA, collected the felines from a cramped and squalid property in Aberdeen. All were extremely thin and emaciated, and several had health problems such as eye infections and diarrhoea. Sadly, one of the rescued kittens died later.

The 21 remaining cats and kittens have since been nursed back to health. They have also been neutered and vaccinated, and are available for rehoming.

Muriel Horne, a volunteer with the Central Aberdeen Branch, said: “We were contacted by the cats’ owner, who was due to leave the property in just three days. Around half of the cats had been collected by other individuals and animal charities but this still left a huge number that needed immediate attention.”

Faced with a race against time, the Central Aberdeen Branch hurriedly made arrangements to take in 16 of the cats and, after phoning around the charity’s network, the Kirkintilloch Adoption Centre took the remainder. The SSPCA also assisted Cats Protection to transport the cats to their temporary homes.

Tracy Shiells, Cats Protection’s Regional Development Manager, praised those involved in the operation during the busiest time of the year for the charity. Tracy said: “We are currently inundated with kittens, owing to the kitten breeding season occurring later than usual this year. It is also difficult to home cats in our care as people who may be interested in adopting a cat are away enjoying their summer holiday.”

“Faced with such pressures, it is a real credit to the Branch and Adoption Centre that they have managed to provide temporary homes for such a large number of cats.”

However, she added: “This case underlines the need for owners to provide their cats with a safe, clean and healthy home environment and take them to the vet regularly. We also advise that any adult cat not required for breeding should be neutered in order to prevent unwanted kittens.”
Regarding the 21 rescued cats, Muriel said: “They have all made wonderful progress and are absolutely delightful. What they need now are loving homes with understanding owners who can offer them a second chance in life.”

If you are interested in offering a home to any of these cats then please contact Cats Protection’s Helpline on 08702 099099.