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Elizabeth Evans’ Red Tabby Exotic Male, GOWLAREN LAMGARFIELD, aka ‘Georgie’, bred by Mr M. Gow, who was judged Best Longhair Adult at the Bingley Show on 13 August.

Making a stand

Thanks to Vince for allowing me to say a few words in this issue’s Guest Editorial whilst he’s off basking in the sun in warmer climes – and who can blame him? Weatherwise, August didn’t have too much to commend itself to our hearts.

That said, there was plenty of activity going on during August that was of far greater importance to us Cat Folk than the weather. I can honestly think of no other topic that has fired cat fanciers up more than the planned EU Transport of Animals Directive and how we might all be affected by it. Like so many political initiatives, the Directive has a sensible notion at its heart, namely protecting animals – ostensibly farm livestock – from trauma and discomfort during transportation. But somewhere along the way, through a combination of poor drafting, lack of foresight and consultation and general bureaucratic incompetence, what was a sensible directive has become a morass of jargon and restrictions, which penalise people – in this case cat enthusiasts – simply for wanting to travel to shows, or take queens to stud or maybe even deliver kittens to their new homes.

Thank goodness for good people like Dr Ray Wigley and Marcia Owen who read through the directive and refused to take the "Oh, it’ll be alright" attitude, pointing out that it could cause serious problems for cat fanciers, and drawing it to our wider attention. And thank goodness that so many cat enthusiasts didn’t just stand by but made their voice heard. Well done to Ray, Marcia and all of you.

DEFRA are now, hopefully, producing sensible guidelines to accompany the directive and exempt cat fanciers from the regulations. Commonsense will, hopefully, prevail. But what a pity that those bureaucrats in their ivory towers don’t give a thought to us, the ‘little people’, and how their legislation may affect us and how, ultimately, the legislation really does no-one any good at all – and that includes the animals it was designed to protect. It behoves us all to follow Ray and Marcia’s example and to remain vigilant; our personal freedoms – and our hobby – depend upon it!

Brown Marbled Bengal Kittens, brother and sister team, AALSPOTZ ASTRAl DRIFTWOOD (‘Drifter’) and AALSPOTZ ASTRAL GAZER (‘Astra’) bred and exhibited by Paul & Sue Threapleton, both Open Class winners - Astral Gazer gaining BOB at the Teesside Show on 26 August.

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