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PAT Cat of the Month


Cats Protection is THIS is PAT Cat Harvey, who lives with Kate Jack, Chairman of the Highlands, Islands and Grampian Branch of Pets as Therapy in Inverness, and her PAT Dog, Bob.

Harvey is a rescued, semi-fluffy cat, about 14-months-old. He has already assisted Kate on several talks and visits to various establishments where his friendly, laid-back nature has won everyone over.

Harvey had a sad start to his young life as he was abandoned when only a few months old. He was rescued and taken to Munlochy Animal Aid in the Black Isle where Kate had asked Iona Henderson, the centre owner, to find a suitable male cat for her to have as a PAT cat. Harvey and Kate met, and both have a new way of life.

Harvey is very much part of the Sheltered Housing complex where Kate is Warden, and regularly joins the house rounds, waiting outside each door. He is a source of great fun to the residents with his bird-catching antics (doesn’t have a hope!!!). His ambition is to catch a Seagull.

Will be on the national news if he succeeds! Kate is now answerable to the “feed me” call, time of day does not seem to matter to Harvey. If he does not fancy what is on offer at home, he just goes to see what his feline pal, Pedro, has left in his dish!

All-in-all, Harvey has brought joy into many lives.