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Revised British Shorthair Registration Policy

Breeders in the section will have been aware of the revision going on for the last three years and the new policy was approved at the June Council meeting. It will come into effect on 1st October 2006.

Whilst the wording may look a little different, it actually expresses more accurately what the previous Policy was intended to convey. The vast majority of the Policy remains the same. The main aims of the changes are to (a) reduce the use of Persian outcrosses and (b) to protect the Self coloured varieties from some of the mixed breeding which has occurred in recent years.
With regard to the LH gene, semi-longhair British Variants are no longer acceptable as parents in the small number of variety where it was still allowed.

One outcross to Persians remains in place, the allowance for the use of Chinchilla or Golden Persians (tested negative for PKD) as parents of Tipped and Golden Tipped BSH for a period of 3 years from the date of the approval of the Policy i.e. June 2009.

With the continuing improvement in the quality in the Colourpointed and Self Cinnamon and Fawn BSH lines, these varieties have now been integrated into the general Policy.

Self British Shorthairs have suffered a reduction in quality over recent years. The Self offspring of outcrosses where Selfs were being used to improve other patterns (notably Colourpointed and Silver varieties) were allowed to mate freely back into the Self lines resulting in a deterioration in quality of eye colour and coat texture and depth of colour. It was therefore decided that Self BSH cats (and the associated Tortie varieties) with Colourpointed or Silver parents should be placed on the Reference Register so that correct breeding back to true bred Selfs would be required before they could return to the main registers.

Much confusion has occurred, as breeders who habitually use Self matings to improve their Colourpointed BSH have had the erroneous impression that this in some way affects their Colourpointed breeding. The policy in no way affects the Colourpointed offspring of such matings.
Selfs (or Torties) with Colourpointed or Silver parents will be registered on the Reference Register. Where a breeder feels that they wish any of these kittens to be shown, they may request such kittens to be registered on the Supplementary AND Non-Active Registers, thus allowing them to be shown but not bred from.

All of this applies ONLY to the Self and Tortie offspring of the matings; Colourpointed or Silver kittens will be registered in whatever way that their parental registrations dictate.
Allowance has been in the new Policy for the use of DNA testing where available to clear cats from overstamping where this has become applicable.

The Policy is available on the GCCF Website (www.gccfcats.org) as well as some of the British Breed Clubs’ sites. Copies are available (with an sae) from these Clubs and from the Sec. of the British Shorthair Group Committee. Any queries should be addressed to the Club Secs. or the BAC Sec at Highridge, Parsonage Hill, Somerton TA11 7PF (e-mail: dgoadby@aol.com)

Doreen M Goadby (Sec) B.S.G.C.