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Lincoln Cat Care - (September News)

My thanks to Chief Reporter Nick Mays for standing in for me in this column, last issue. I managed to take my missus away for a week’s convalescence after her recent illness…many thanks to everyone for Well as of today we’ve just homed puss number 270 this year (compared to 194 this time last year), as well as paying for treatment for that many again at an assortment of vets. Kittens have still been coming in a steady rate but luckily, thanks to lots of organising by Gwen, and frantic home visits by our volunteer checkers, we’ve managed to find suitable homes for them all.

What has been especially satisfying has been the homing of pairs, more senior and temperamental cats. We spend much time and effort matching cats to homes and, so far, it has proved well worth all the effort. Farm, or outdoor, cats are always needing new homes. Have you land with a suitable outbuilding that could home a pair of these lovelies? If so phone Penny on 01522-778669.

Thanks go to the ‘sorting girls’. Every week they spend hours at the lock-up sorting the donated goods. The best price for each item is sought by Chris, Alison and Brenda helped by other volunteers and they end up sold on e-bay, car boots, auctions or events. They always need clean items, as new cuddly toys, jewellery, ornaments, in fact anything saleable. We can arrange collection also.

Despite their reserves, the national charities locally don’t seem to be carrying out much neutering and so our funds are also going on this. So far we haven’t turned any cat needing treatment or neutering away, although on the latter we do ask them to try the bigger charities first. Thanks to the support of you all these cats get immediate treatment. Sadly we’ve paid for a few strays to have their suffering ended. This always leaves a bitter taste, but at least they’re not now suffering under some hedge.

We’re hoping that locally people will be persuaded to have chips put into their treasures. It’s not something we want to be involved in, there’s plenty of ‘chippers’ out there already, but it would certainly help re-unite some of the many found cats we add to our list daily. We, like the vets, now routinely scan everything we deal with.

If you’d like to become a supporter, either by a small annual fee or a monthly standing order, then call me on 01522-873968 or Jenny on 01522-788597 or visit our website on www.beehive.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/LCC or mail me brian.lewis8@ntlworld.com
he same applies if you would like to know more about what we do. If you are a supporter you receive our quarterly hard copy newsletter. Please also consider allowing us to claim Gift Aid.
Events for September include:-

9th - Our Autumn Fayre at St Swithins Church (next to Central Library in Lincoln) from 10am until 2pm. Also on 9th we have a stall at the Dunston Duck Race from 2-30pm until 4-30pm. Do try to pop along to one or both.

16th - we have a stall at the Collingham Show all day. This promises to be a good day out.
23rd - we are holding a bonanza bric-a-brac, book & video sale at the Grandstand on Carholme Road from 10am until 2pm. Refreshments are available.

And finally on the 30th we have our coffee morning from 10am until 1pm at the Central Library. With all of our events it’s nice if you can take along a can or two of cat food as an admission price.

Thanks all. See you in October.