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Innovations at Yorkshire Show

OUR CATS has decided to focus on the innovations being introduced at this year’s Yorkshire County CC Show, and congratulates the Committee for trying something different.

During the summer season, we have heard of a number of shows with reduced entries and have listened to many peoples comments about what’s good and bad about the show scene. It was reminiscent of the times we ran a very interesting series of articles and letters about ‘cat shows in crisis’. Some people said we hit the nail on the head, others said, what crisis?

We would suggest that ostriches are alive and well in the world of cats if people think everything’s rosy. There are problems with entries; some breeds are way down on previous years, petrol and travel costs affect peoples spending pattern, and exhibitors are irked with late judging changes.

Trade stand holders are concerned with early closings of shows, especially when people are cleared from the hall for two or three hours in the morning. Major sponsors for shows, large or small, are a rare bird indeed. Perhaps it’s time for the cat shows in crisis debate to re-emerge?

However, in the midst of this, we were delighted to see the press release below, from the Yorkshire County Cat Club.

The details are clear in the piece, but it’s worth highlighting the big money on offer to a lucky exhibitor who could win £500, plus smaller prizes on offer... and still folks will go away with nice rosettes for bigger awards.

We particularly like the buddy scheme... what a great idea Yorkshire, and one that could and should be copied by other shows in an effort to encourage newcomers and make them feel welcome.

Exhibitors should not be afraid of any new competitors in the game... it makes your wins more valuable!

Exhibitors should take note that the official closing date is 18th September but we will take entries for a while after that date.

Schedules are available by email from Show.Manager@gmail.com or by post from Lynda Ashmore 7 Ledstone Road Sheffield S8 0NS (upon receipt of SAE) or can be downloaded from our website www.yorkshirecountycatclub.co.uk

We will not be issuing any misc/club rosettes (although we do intend to issue cards). Instead every cat in competition (excludes exhibition pens) will be entered into two prize draws.

The first for a section prize of £50 (all 8 sections), the second for one overall prize of £500. There will of course be rosettes for Opens (1 to 6) Imperials, Grands, BOBs and Merits.

As always we aim to make the show value for money, (pedigree members entry £23.50 non members £27.50) (non pedigree members £19.50 non members £23.50). This includes one entry pass, two if jointly owned, or if three or more cats entered.

We are also piloting a new show buddy scheme for first time exhibitors. If anyone requires assistance to help with any aspects of showing such as how to set up your pen, where to find the results, what to do if you have a problem, they should indicate on the entry form and we will arrange for a show buddy to guide you on the day.

The main stall area is full to capacity so Christ-mas shopping can start at the Yorkshire as usual ...and Our Cats will be based in the main hall where we can easily be found for subscriptions and winners adverts at this super show.

Show Manager Linda Ashmore

The Club is also giving everyone the opportunity to sponsor classes at £5 per class the name of the sponsor, their prefix or a cats name will appear at the head of the class sponsored.
Our Cats thanks Lynda and Simon of the Yorkshire cat club for this update.