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We ‘ear’ Ayeisha ‘nose’ best - Siamese cat raises £112 for Comic Relief

LAST MONTH thousands of people across the UK joined in the fun to raise money for the bi-annual charity bash, Comic Relief. And this year, one of the participants was Ayeisha, a 10-year-old Chocolate Point Siamese, who personally raised £112 for Comic Relief and loved every minute of all the fuss and attention she got while doing it!

Ayeisha is owned by Jayne Wood of Blitzkrieg Devon Rex. Jayne, who is a Co-ordinator for the charity Comforting Cats, takes up the story:

“Some of my colleagues and I wanted to raise funds at work for Comic Relief but only a few of the staff were interested to dress up and get sponsors, so I had the idea of bringing one of my cats in to dress up with me and raise sponsors.

“Two of my cats are registered therapy cats as I am UK co-ordinator for Comforting Cats, so I decided on Ayeisha, as opposed to my Devon Rex boy who’s always in the limelight and loves to dress up and pose at Christmas.

Ayesiha in Red Nose (and ear) garb above
and left, as she usually appears...

“Ayeisha is used to strange places and simply adores people, so the only problem I faced was would she wear the Comic Relief T-shirt and hat with the walkers big ears attached for part of which she was being sponsored for?

“The t-shirt turned out to be no problem. The ears just stayed on for photographs – I think Ayiesha’s proud enough of her own ears - but what should have been an hour’s visit turned into two and a half hours as Ayeisha just enjoyed all the attention so much she kept on headbutting and gently tapping peoples’ hands to keep on stroking her.

“OK, she may look silly in the pics - I looked sillier - but that’s what Red Nose Day is all about - looking and acting daft and then counting up what it’s brought in. Our overall total we raised that day was £250. Ayeisha raised £112 of that!

I expect she’s the only Siamese cat or any cat come to that that can say she’s helped save lives, helped charities to buy life-saving mosquito nets, drugs, etc.

“I am very proud of her and we both had a very enjoyable afternoon!”

Well done to Ayiesha and Jayne from all at OUR CATS! We’d be delighted to hear from anybody else whose cat took part in a Red Nose Day event…