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Charities team up to help pets in Northern Ireland

Well, another issue is upon us, as is the month of April. By the time you read these words, the long-awaited AnimLeading animal welfare charities Dogs Trust and Cats Protection have joined forces in Northern Ireland to help people on means tested benefits neuter their pets.

The charities have launched a new joint scheme that enables those on benefits or pensions to get their pets neutered for just £5.00 per cat and £10.00 per dog, with Dogs Trust and Cats Protection meeting the rest of the bill.

The importance of neutering schemes like this was highlighted by a recent survey of pet owners which revealed that the most commonly cited reason for not having pets neutered was simply the cost of the operation.

By working together, both organisations hope to encourage more owners to neuter their pets in a concerted effort to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned pets in the future.

Elvira Meucci, Head of Campaigns for Dogs Trust, comments: “We are really pleased to be working with Cats Protection to tackle this very important issue. By sharing advertising and other administrative costs, we can use more of our limited funds where it matters most - to pay for the operations and help even more pets throughout Northern Ireland.”

Ian Farrar, Cats Protection’s Head of Campaigns, adds: “As many people own both dogs and cats, this partnership makes a lot of sense. As cats as young as six months can have litters of unplanned kittens, we hope this scheme will prompt owners to act before it is too late.”

Both charities have high hopes for the new joint scheme because Dogs Trust has already helped over 30,000 owners with the cost of operations since the scheme began five years ago. The organisations would like to thank all of the veterinary practices who are working with them to help make this scheme a success.

Pet owners can find out more details, including where to find their nearest participating vet, by calling the dedicated Neutering Hotline on 0845 606 3036.

For further information on cat neutering, please contact Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 08702 099 099 or visit www.cats.org.uk For Dogs Trust, please call 020 7837 0006 or visit the website www.dogstrust.org.uk