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Lincoln Cat Care - (March News)

MAIN news this month is our search for a shop. After many people putting in a lot of hours, we think we’ve found the right one.

Thanks go to Alison, Chris and Brenda for their relentless searching. It’s harder than you imagine finding one that ticks the boxes, but its’s silly to be tempted to go for one that doesn’t. It’s located in the High Street near Vernon Street, and hopefully, next month we should be able to let you know all the details. It will, however, unlike others, be run entirely by volunteers.

We’ve had a sad old time really this year so far with airgun wounds, collar wounds and various other wounds that needed veterinary treatment.

This past week we’ve rescued Jess that was taken to be PTS as she had a terrible leg wound. After X-rays it was clear to Kelly, the vet, that amputation was the only course. Jess is now thriving and is seeking either a new home or employment as a milking stool!

Those of you that help or attend events will know that Harvey, a staunch and passionate supporter, passed away in February. His popularity was clear by the number at his funeral and over £300 was collected for the cats.

If there are any volunteers out there wishing to either help fundraising, in the shop or carrying out home visits, don’t be shy contact us.

For those that shop online, the site has added new stores to its list so have a look before you make that purchase at www.easyfundraising.org.uk/lincolncatcare Remember, a percentage goes to helping local cats. Please continue your support.