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The ‘Super Food’ for cats

The essential rules for a healthy diet that we follow - avoiding high salt content food brands and eating plenty of ‘Super foods’ rich in vitamins and antioxidants - are now just as applicable to the family cat with the launch of SCIENCE PLAN™ Tender Chunks in Gravy pouches.

The perfect antidote to the harmful day-to-day effects of free radicals and salty diets, SCIENCE PLAN™ Tender Chunks in Gravy pouches are carefully made using the Hill’s unique Immune Support Formula (ISF).

This blend of antioxidants and vitamins – especially higher levels of vitamins E and C - reduces harmful free radicals that may cause cell damage and improves immune response.

So by feeding your feline friend Tender Chunks in Gravy pouches, you can be sure of the very best nutrition that is tasty too, with the additional healthy benefits that you would expect from a cat food scientifically formulated by Hill’s.

For adult cats, SCIENCE PLAN™ Tender Chunks in Gravy pouches come in three delicious varieties – Chicken, Beef and Ocean Fish – each in 100-gram recyclable pouches. Multi-packs containing 12 pouches are available too.

Kittens can choose between Chicken and Ocean Fish pouches, each containing natural DHA to help them learn and develop to their full potential.

SCIENCE PLAN™ Tender Chunks in Gravy can be purchased from specialty pet stores and most veterinary practices.

For further information please log on to www.hillspet.com