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Thank you
I WRITE to thank all the people who wrote in response to my letter enquiring as to whether others had won several awards at shows.

It was good to hear so many exhibitors have done well and that I still have the ability to cause such excitement!

Tina Mason, Felonie Birmans


Thanks for your concern
I WOULD like to thank all the people who have shown concern after my Persian cat, Gr Ch Barleyfields Barleyrose took ill at the Lancashire Cat Club Show with breathing difficulties.

The duty vet and Mrs C. Titterington rushed Bubbles to the local vets practice in Wigan. She was put on oxygen for six hours, but because the practice had no 24-hour cover, we were asked to take her to another practice 40 mnutes away, without oxygen, and Bubbles died on the journey.
My friends, Ian Morris and Jonathan had a wonderful show-winning day, marred by spending the day with me at the vets. Bubbles had been a lively, happy cat on the morning of the show.

She never had any illness during her five years, so her death came as a complete shock and will take a long time to get over. I have had so many cards and messages, it is so nice to think that so many people care.

Jean Stewart, Barleyfields Persians


To whom it may concern
I AM resigning as Patron of the Northern Birman Cat Club.

Having had no contact with this Club since I stepped down as Chairperson over three years ago, I feel it is inappropriate to continue as one of the Club’s patrons.

Steven A. Leppard