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Jackie Ballard to leave RSPCA

JACKIE BALLARD, the Director General of the RSPCA is to leave the charity to take up the post of Chief Executive with the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

Commenting on her appointment on Tuesday of last week, James Strachan, Chairman of RNID, said: ‘We are delighted to have been able to recruit someone with the exceptional ability and experience of Jackie Ballard to lead RNID through its next stage of development.

‘As well as being an accomplished leader in the voluntary sector, Jackie brings her huge experience of political affairs and a public service background to the cause of changing the world for deaf and hard of hearing people.

‘Jackie is joining an award-winning organisation which was recently acknowledged as one of the leading lobbies in the world for deaf and hard of hearing people. I am confident that she will build on that success.’

Jackie Ballard takes over from John Low who is the new Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation. She will take up the position on 22 October 2007.

RSPCA chairman Mike Tomlinson paid tribute to Jackie Ballard’s tenure saying: ‘During Jackie’s time at the RSPCA, there have been some major successes, such as our campaign for a ban on hunting and more recently the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act which is already having such a positive effect for animals.

‘The RSPCA has benefited enormously from her leadership during the last five years, and we wish her every success in the future.’

Commenting on her appointment Jackie Ballard said; ‘It has been an honour and a privilege to work for the RSPCA, and it’s very reassuring to know that I’m moving on at a time when the Society is in such a healthy position and has achieved so much, particularly our successful campaign for the new Animal Welfare Act.

‘The RSPCA is a wonderful organisation which day in day out works for a better world for animals and I am very proud of the advances which we have made during the last five years.

‘I will be leaving with a great deal of sadness but I believe the time is right for me and for the RSPCA to move on, and I know the Society will continue to go from strength to strength.‘I am ready for a new challenge and am looking forward to taking up my role at the RNID. I count myself extremely lucky to be moving from one fantastic organisation to another.’