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Supreme Show
Exhibitors, please note that there are some changes to the Schedule for the Supreme Show.

Longhair/Semi Longhair Cats or Kittens - NP. 6 Ginger or Ginger & White, Tortie or Tortie & White Female.

SH Cats or Kittens - NP. 16 Ginger or Ginger & White, Tortie or Tortie & White Female.

Shorthair Classes 13 to 18, Judge is Mrs S. Murthwaite.

Pat Randal, Non Pedigree Section Manager

The Colourpoint, Rex-coated & AOV Club

At the AGM held on Sunday, 13 May, 2007, at Carterton Town Hall, Alvescot Road, Carterton OX18 3JL, the following were elected to the Committee:

President: Mrs J. Crockart; Vice-Presidents: Mrs B. Shingleton and Mrs P. Knight; Chairman: Mrs P. Knight; Vice-Chairman: Mr P. Madden; Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Mrs M. Smith; Secretary: Mrs G. H. Thompson; Minutes Secretary: Mrs A. Madden. Committee: Mrs I. Parker, Mrs S. Smith, Mr Barry Newcombe, Mr Mick Coomer, Mrs Sue Amor, Mr Peter Chaffe, Ms Dawn Dodds. Mrs P. Knight was elected the Club’s Delegate.

The next AGM will be on Sunday, 11 May, 2008.

The next Show will be held on Saturday, 20 October, 2007 at the Collingwood Centre, Collingwood Drive, Pleasey Great Barr, West Midlands B42 7NS.

For more information please contact the Joint Show Managers, Mrs Molly Perchard, 10 Mont as Croix, St Brelace, Jersey JR3 8EL. Tel. 01534 743961. Email perchard@localdial.com OR Mrs Patsy Knight, 79 Stoney Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall WS3 3RE. Tel. 01922 475677. Email patsy@ pompombirmans.co.uk
G. H. Thompson (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Herts & Middlesex Cat Club

Exhibitors, please note the following changes at our show on 1 September, 2007.
Class 145 will now be judged by Mrs P. Knight; Class 155 will now be judged by Mrs M. Kalal.
The Best of Variety Judges are as follows: Longhair - Mrs J. Allen; Semi Longhair - Mrs S. Tokens; BSH - Mrs S. Lorton Hobbs; Foreign - Mr S. Crow; Burmese - Mrs S. Ferguson; Oriental - Mrs M. Kalal; Siamese - Mrs D. Harper; Overall BIS - Mrs P. Wilding.
Gill Cornish, Show Manager

Cambridgeshire Cat Club
The AGM for the Cambridgeshire Cat Club will be held on Monday, 17 September, 2007, at 8pm. This will take place in the Common Room at the Veterinary School, Madingley Road (the B1303) in Cambridge.

We look forward to seeing as many Members as possible.

Iona Pettit, Secretary

Shropshire Cat Club
Would Members please note that Sue Bowen, Assistant Show Manager, has a new telephone number - 01902 304357.

Also from the end of the month, a new e-mail address - choctaworientals1@btinternet.com

Sue Bowen, Assistant Show Manager

Caledonian Longhaired Cat Club

Would everyone with a “need to know” please note that, as of 17 August, 2007, my new address will be 24 Queens Road, Scone, Perthshire PH2 6QJ. Tel. 01738 551459.
Ruth L. Thomson, Secretary & Membership Secretary