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Pesticide free breakthrough revolutionises fight against fleas

CEVA Animal Health have launched Skoosh™, the first environmental household flea spray to instantly stop biting fleas and which uniquely does not contain pesticides.

Anxiety about the use of pesticides in the home is rising and a recent survey has shown that two out of three pet owners are now concerned about safety when using a pesticide-based flea spray in their homes1. However, the fleas you see on your cat may only represent represent 5% of the overall flea population; the remainder is composed of eggs, larvae and pupae within the home. Experts agree that, in order to effectively tackle fleas and to prevent re-infestation, the home must be treated.

Both the active ingredients in Skoosh™ are extremely safe and widely used in the human market, in products as diverse as home polish sprays, skin creams, make up, oral medications and headlice lotions.

Instead of exerting a toxi- cological effect, Skoosh™ acts by rapidly engulfing the fleas in a silicone trap. Adult fleas and larvae are immobilised within seconds and eggs and pupae are permanently unable to hatch.

Traditional flea sprays are ineffective against existing pupae in the home and, when used, biting fleas are often seen for several weeks after spraying as the pupae continue to hatch. By contrast, Skoosh™ is effective against pupae and is therefore the first environmental flea spray to offer safe and immediate relief from fleas to distressed owners.

Skoosh™ contains no pesticides or other harmful chemicals and is therefore exempt under the biocides directive.

For further information please call the CEVA Technical Support Team on 01494 781510 or alternatively e-mail skooshthe fleas@ceva.com.

1. VBD Market Survey, January 2007