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Cat rescued from floods by RSPCA

A CAT stranded in a hayloft by the floods for five days was rescued by the RSPCA in July.

Mutley the ginger tom was stuck in the loft after waters flooded Upper Lode near Tewkesbury on Saturday. In a dramatic rescue involving five RSPCA inspectors and two boats, Mutley was returned safely to his owners.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Chris Simpson said: ‘Mutley’s owners couldn’t get near the place to rescue him so he was completely marooned. We got as close as we could on the boats then walked for 200 yards through the water to reach the loft, the inspectors had to hang onto each other to make sure they didn’t get pulled away.

‘But we got him out and amazingly he was fine! It’s been hectic over the last few days to say the least, so this was a very good rescue.’

Sarah Garrod, a friend of Mutley’s owner, said she was surprised when the RSPCA turned up to rescue him with five inspectors and two boats!

‘I thought it’s only one cat! But it’s lovely that the RSPCA got him out. We’re next to the River Severn here so it’s very rough and quite dangerous, so it’s a relief that Mutley’s okay. He’s getting on a bit but there seem to be no ill-effects and he’s very happy again now.’