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Iams make multi moggy meal times a thing of the pasta

With 45% of UK households having more than one cat, it is important to make sure the individual needs of each cat isn’t forgotten. To make life just that little bit easier, Iams has launched an exciting new product, Multi-Cat, to meet all your cats’ feeding requirements.

Feeding time can be stressful for our feline friends in households with several cats. Ensuring every cat is catered for can be time consuming, which is why Iams has designed Multi-Cat to meet the dietary needs of all healthy adult cats. So, whether your cats are underweight or overweight, long-haired or short-haired Multi-Cat is the one-stop hit in premium nutrition.
New Iams Multi-Cat is made up of a unique combination of ingredients that work in tune with each cat to meet their individual needs. The product contains a Hairball Control System for long-haired cats that may experience problems with hairballs. It also comprises of a high quality protein, combined with an optimal fat level, to help maintain muscle health and reduce the risk of weight gain. L-Carnitine is included, alongside vitamin A to also help assist in weight control for over-weight cats.

When it comes to flavour, some felines can be really fussy, Iams Multi-Cat combines chicken and salmon flavours so that all cats will be satisfied. Multi-Cat is also made up of different shaped and sized kibbles to suit any moggie’s mouth.

Vicky Halls, leading cat behaviourist, says, “It is so common for people to have more than one cat and it’s proven that feeding time for cats can be as stressful a period for both owner and cat. The launch of Iams Multi-Cat can aid this, ensuring that every cat in your household receives just the right nutritional benefits to suit them in one, easily distributed cat food.”

Iams Multi-Cat is available from July 2007, RRP £6.79 for 1kg, £14.00 for 3kg and £55.99 for 15kg (available in speciality stores only).