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The Allerca GD cat was the world’s first scientifically proven hypoallergenic cat. Allerca, the American based company selectively bred these cats to not produce glycoprotein Fel D 1, the allergen known to cause suffering to humans.

Several years on, Allerca has sold these cats into many households around the US, and in May 2007 shipped the first Allerca GD kitten internationally. Despite the $9’950 price tag for UK & Ireland customers, and slightly less for US customers, the demand is so huge that Allerca have announced a two year waiting list, and will stop taking orders for one full year starting from August 31st 2007.

But the real question we all want to ask is; is it worth it? Many allergy sufferers may think not, but some certainly do. A new Allerca GD cat owner in Los Angeles, California commented:
“I can’t believe it! This is an amazing experience for me. I’ve always wanted a cat and to finally have one here, to experience having a cat at home, is just incredible, a dream come true. I am what you could call severely allergic to cats: I sneeze, my eyes water and my skin will break out in hives. So I was a little skeptical that an ALLERCA cat would be right for me. I had seen them on television being exposed to allergic people and even saw a piece in which a customer appeared on national TV with their kitten, but I still had my doubts. All I can say now is that the ALLERCA cats really work! My cat sleeps right next to me, and I wake up with zero allergic reaction, and that’s about the best test there is. I can only recommend to anyone that has missed the companion of a cat due to allergies to give the ALLERCA cats a try. Yes, the wait is long, but it is really, really worth the wait.”

Simon Brodie, founder of Allerca gave his comments:

“When I first began working on the idea of the hypoallergenic cat in 2003, my team and I faced many unknowns. We announced the concept of a hypo-allergenic cat at the end of the 2004 with a goal to deliver the first scientifically-proven hypoallergenic kitten by 2006. True to our words, the first ALLERCA customer received their hypo-allergenic kitten in October of 2006.

During that time we have received tremendous words of support from our customers and the general public, both from within the USA and around the world, and I would personally like to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement. Over a thousand questions a month are submitted to the company via our website: some smart, some funny, and some downright crazy! - and we have always aimed to answer anyone who has put in time to contact us.

As expected with anything new and untried, some people took cheap shots at our work or attacked me personally (we even got some death threats!), including a number of gonzo journalists who hid behind protective laws that allows them say anything about anyone without fear of repercussion. Not surprisingly, those journalists who trumpeted absolute falsehoods and downright lies to sell a newspaper or magazine went very quiet (surprise, surprise!) once ALLERCA began delivering kittens. They didn’t write about ALLERCA when our cats appeared on live national television with allergic individuals who failed to have any allergic reaction (talk about a “trial by fire”!); and they failed to report that ALLERCA had won a TIME Magazine Best Inventions of 2006 award.

But this last part is not important. What is important to me is that we prevailed, and delivered what we promised. When I speak to a customer who tells me we have made a child’s dream come true, that is reward enough.”

Chris Jones, founder of PetClub UK commented on Allerca’s success: “The Allerca GD cats have proved beyond all belief that they do deliver results. Regardless of price, which to many is just not important, the dedication given by Mr Brodie and his team have been able to produce normal, loving, household cats and offer them to seriously dedicated and loving owners that would otherwise have to go without - what more could anyone ask for?”

For those interested in Allerca, visit their website at www.allerca.com.

For those that could simply not afford such a cat, there are other alternatives. The Siberian, Sphynx, Cornish Rex and Devon Rex are all breeds of cat that have shown to reduce the symptons of allergy sufferers. Combined with using newly formulated allergy reducing products such as Bio-life Petal Cleanse C and other allergen reducing products, some allergy sufferers may be able to cope fine.

For more information on Allergies to Cats, allergy reducing products or just general cat health, care and information, visit www.petclubuk.com.