Our Cats Shop

Rhyme or Reason


Our wonderful cat called Simply Dashing
There was only one word to describe him - smashing
From a tiny kitten to a strapping lad
Sometimes good sometimes bad
He brought us all so much joy
We were so proud of our Tiffanie boy
He played a lot and purred a lot
In our hearts he held a special spot
On the show bench he did us proud
Always admired by the cat loving crowd
But at the end of the day to us you were the best
Head and shoulders above the rest
He had the very nicest way
Of lighting up the darkest day
Then all too soon it came to an end
We had to say goodbye to our furry friend
Your life was cut short but full of pleasure
Your time with us we will always treasure
We loved you so much and now you’re gone
But your happy memories will live on
You have left a space too big to fill
We miss you now and always will
If there is a heaven for cats somewhere
We hope God has taken you there
(A. & M. Copeley, Leeds)