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Statement from Anna Shafto

Our Cats has received the following statement and apology from Anne Shafto following the recent circulation of an email to a number of people within the cat fancy.


With reference to the email sent out on 1st August 2007 regarding the impending launch of the ‘Fancy That’ magazine and the GCCF judge critiques.

We would like to point out that this email was initially intended as a personal note to friends and colleagues in the cat fancy to share news of a new magazine publication, but understand that it has been widely circulated. The mock front covers of the new magazine were reproduced on websites that may have implied that ‘Fancy That’ is the current Official Journal of the GCCF and have now been removed.

I would like to clarify to all concerned that Our Cats are still accepting subscription renewals on a 6 monthly basis, and that this can be done by making contact in the following ways:
Subscription Department 0870 731 6503

Website: www.ourcats.co.uk - Email: subs@ourdogs.co.uk

Our Cats remains the Official Journal of the GCCF and is the only place you will be able to read your judge critiques until 1st February 2008, from that time you will be able to read your judge critiques in the new ‘Fancy That’ magazine, of course this would not preclude you from subscribing to both publications if you so choose from that moment on.

I would like to apologise to the Our Cats subscribers and to Our Cats Magazine for any inconvenience or confusion the email has caused.

Anna Shafto