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Charities team up to help animals in need

The Blue Cross, Britain’s pet charity, has teamed up with fellow animal welfare charity, Mayflower Sanctuary in Doncaster to help needy pets in the area. The announcement was celebrated at Mayflower’s open day on Saturday, 18 August.

Opened in June 2003, Mayflower Sanctuary takes care of unwanted dogs and cats from local authorities and the public until they can be found new homes. The sanctuary is the fourth organisation to join The Blue Cross’s welfare associates scheme, which was established to extend the charity’s reach to help pets in areas where there are no Blue Cross animal adoption centres or hospitals.

Mayflower will receive an annual grant of £20,000 from The Blue Cross towards new resources, facilities and training at the sanctuary. The Doncaster charity will also benefit from non-financial support, including the range of ‘All About Pets’ advice leaflets and practical support from The Blue Cross.

Denise Young, who is responsible for Blue Cross welfare associates said: ‘The Blue Cross has a long history of helping smaller charities whose aims and values are in sympathy with our own.

Mayflower’s commitment to matching homeless pets with new owners was just one of the reasons why they are an ideal welfare partner for us. We are confident that our contributions will help Mayflower find even more loving new homes for the unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs in their care.’

Jennie Foxall-Lord, manager at Mayflower Sanctuary said: ‘We are delighted to be linked with The Blue Cross and thankful for the support we will receive as a result of the association. Not only will this enable us to improve and expand our resources at the sanctuary through the annual grant, we will also benefit from the experience and knowledge of this long established national charity.’
The Blue Cross has also announced a new association with Les Amis des Chats, a cat welfare organisation in southern France.

The charityís longstanding ties with France began during the First World War when The Blue Cross offered veterinary aid to French Army horses and dogs on the battlefields of France. Les Amis des Chats are the second French welfare association to receive support from The Blue Cross; a link with the Phoenix Association was announced in 2005.