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Kitten stows away in car engine!

AN ABERDEENSHIRE man was surprised to discover that the strange noises his car was making were not due to engine trouble after all, but the yowls of a tiny kitten which thought it had found a warm hidey-hole to sleep in.

Victor Gallacher stopped his car when he heard squealing sounds coming from under his bonnet. Closer inspection revealed the eight-week-old ginger kitten seeking refuge next to the cars battery - and Mr Gallacher estimates he must have driven several miles with the kitten in tow.

After contacting the Scottish SPCA, the kitten was taken to Mrs Murray’s Home for Stray Dogs and Cats & Rehoming Centre to be looked after while the owner was sought. As no one has come forward the kitten can now be found a new home.

And it’s unlikely there will be any trouble finding one! This cat has become quite the media darling with the story appearing on TV, radio, papers and websites.

Not only will coverage help in finding this cat a home but it’s hoped that, rather than purchasing a pet privately, the story will encourage other potential pet owners give a home to a rescued animal.